China Bluestar International Chemical Co., Ltd.

China BlueStar International Chemical Corporation, a subsidiary company of China National BlueStar (Group) Corporation established in 2000, is under the management of parent/principal company with the core business of import & export trade, advanced technology introduction, technical cooperation and biding in domestic and worldwide. The main business also includes purchase & sales large scale supplies/equipments, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and international plant-engineering contract.

As the consequence of over decade of trails and hardships, China BlueStar International Chemical Corporation Limited now has established a long-term steady trading relationship with more than 30 countries and religions and widely applied to chemical industry, metal, textile, mineral, electronic, medical devices, agriculture, food industry and mechanical manufacturing. This prominent core businesses and a comprehensive marketing network have been successfully achieved and completed. Furthermore, with the efforts of companys professional international business team and skilled staff, the business and products mentioned above have reached advanced level in the market. Additionally, by taking advantage of financial instrument from foreign government and institution, the company is also actively engaged in biding project in both domestic and foreign market concerned environmental protection, heat supply and wastewater treatment.

In addition to speeding up the main business, China Bluestar International Chemical Corporation Limited now has been undertaking the task of strategic sourcing from the Head Office for 29 subsidiaries of corporate-wide. It has proposed an overall purchasing strategy and optimization solution and formed a series of comprehensive information system management and supply management system. The long-term steady relationship with suppliers would ensure more effective sourcing services for both domestic and international enterprises by improving business operations, sourcing, purchasing and supply chain management.

China BlueStar International Chemical Corporation Limited has passed ISO9001 on December 2005, and also been honored as "Level A" enterprise by Beijing Customs. The products we now deal with are as following: Polychloroprene rubber ,Epoxy resin,Titanium dioxide,Hexamine,Fumed silica,TDI,Chromic acid,Methyl acrylate,Polyol,MDI,Silica fume,Silicone oil,Silicone resin,Silanes,Butadiene,Ferro silicon,Ilmenite ,Chrome concentrate,Ion exchange membrane,Titanium sheet, Nickel sheet,Metal silicon,Special nickle alloyed plate/pipe,Anti-freezing liquid,C4,Food additives,Modified starch,Wood,Plywood,Medical instruments,cotton, Shoes, Rubbers boots, Sports shoes & Jacket.

Through decade of trials and hardships, while standing on the new step for development, China BlueStar International Chemical Corporation Limited will inherit the enterprise spirit and values, speed up in the implementation of strategic tasks and make efforts in seeking more cooperation opportunities to achieve "win-win" with worldwide business partners.

Contact Number:86-010-61958500

Fax Number:86-010-61958518-8500

E-mail Address:zhonglanguoji@bluestar.chemchina.com

Company Address:No.9, West Road, Beituchengxi, ChaoYang District, Beijing

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