Guangzhou Synthetic Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd.

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Guangzhou Research Institute of Synthetic Materials was established in 1961 (former name: Research Institute of Synthetic Material Aging of the Ministry of Chemical Industry). It is a comprehensive S&T enterprise principally engaged in ageing tests, risk classification and determination of chemicals, improving the performance of ageing resistance of high polymer materials, research, development and manufacturing of ageing equipment, new aging resistant materials and aids. It is also a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong that provides customers with technological services to boost their knowledge in ageing mechanism, aging and aging resistance of high polymer materials, formulating and modifying the national standards of performance test and aging test approaches, researching, developing and manufacturing the series of antioxidant products, the series of ageing resistant additive matrix and dedicated materials as well as ageing test equipment.

In accordance with the standards of GB, ISO, ASTM, JIS, BS, EN and DIN etc, Guangzhou Research Institute of Synthetic Materials tests the physical and age-resistant performances of high polymer materials (plastics, rubber, fiber, coating and adhesives etc), calculates and estimates the storage or service life of high polymer materials, limits the quantity of harmful substances, tests the smell and the volatility of substances, qualitatively and quantitatively analyses the material used in the main parts, classifies and assesses chemical risks in line with the UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods and formulates the MSDS specifications of chemicals.

Test procedure:

Artificial weathering ageing test

Natural climatic exposure test

Arrhenius lifespan reckoning

Salt spray test

Humid heat test

High and low temperature test

Ozone test

Thermal oxidative ageing test

Covered soil corrosion test

Liquid medium ageing test

Ageing test on specified conditions of the customers

Guangzhou Research Institute of Synthetic Materials has set up natural climatic exposure test yards in Guangdong and in Turpan in Xinjiang in order to subject the materials to natural exposure tests in two weather extremes- damp and dry heat.

The organizations subject to Guangzhou Research Institute of Synthetic Materials are : National Chemical Industry Synthetic Material Aging Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Guangdong Coating Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station, Guangdong Chemical Reagent Product Supervision and Inspection Station, National Plastics Standardization Technology Committee Aging Method Sub-Committee, Occupational Skill Test Authority and the supporting institution of the editorial department of Synthetic Material Ageing and Application.

Address: No. 396, West Road of Tangxiachebei , Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Postal code: 510665

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