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Founded in 1978, China Bluestar Changsha Design and Research Institute is a research, exploration, design and supervision unit directly under the Chinas former Ministry of Chemical Industry. The institute, with an area of 11.2 hectares and a registered capital of 120 million yuan, has 428 employees including 15 experts enjoying state government subsidies, 20 professor-level senior engineers, 130 senior engineers, 150 engineers and 180 registered engineers. The institute owns class A qualification certificates in many fields such as chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries (chemical engineering, chemical mines), construction (construction projects), municipal projects (environmental health engineering), environmental engineering (solid waste disposal project), engineering exploration, engineering supervision and engineering consultation, and also the class B certificates in petroleum, medicine, metallurgy, gas, urban and rural planning and environmental engineering (water pollution control engineering, air pollution control engineering). It has the design qualifications for A2 pressure vessel and for GA,GB and GC pressure pipe.

The institute not only has a strong technical force, a sound organizational structure, an improved quality guarantee system, advanced technological equipments and related hardware facilities and software systems of computers, but also a quick marketing and service support system that is capable of undertaking the engineering exploration, design, supervision, consultation and EPC contract of medium-large mine projects, chemical-petroleum-medicine projects, civil projects and municipal projects, and environmental protection projects. After three decades of development, the institute has completed more than 3,000 domestic and overseas projects, more than 100 national and provincial key scientific research projects and has won more than 120 awards such as the national and provincial science and technology award, the excellence design award and the project consultation award. Its products are sold not only in Chinas 25 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, but also in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Canada, and Laos. It has established partnerships with institutions of the United States, Australia, Chili, Israel, and etc.

The Institute focuses on technological development and independent innovation. After many years of accumulation, it takes a leading position in China in the development and integrated utilization of potassium resources. It has also made great progress at a global level. It has reached Chinas advanced level both in the phosphate resources and pyrites exploitation, and in the comprehensive controls of tailings and the membrane technology for water treatment. It has built up its own technological brands in civil construction, petroleum, piping, mining and tunnel supervision fields where the institution owns more than 40 national patents and proprietary technologies. Over recent years, it has achieved new development in the business and regional operation of chemical design. The National Chemical Dissolve Mining Engineering Center is also based at the institute.

Sticking to the corporate philosophy, the institute was highly praised by consumers for its technology, service and integrity. The company has been constantly advancing and its comprehensive strength has greatly improved. In recent years, the company has won a number of provincial, city and industrial honors, including unit awards for its good credit, civilization building, advanced supervision, AAA in corporate credit, model copyright safeguards for software, and innovation.

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