Hangzhou Water Treatment Technology Development Center Co., Ltd.
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Development Center of Water Treatment Technology in Hangzhou (hereinafter called "the Center") was the first unit engaged in water treatment through the membrane method, from its inception, the center has been the leader of the industry. It was subject to the State Oceanic Administration before 2006 and then transferred to the BlueStar Headquarters.

The center provides full water treatment support including membrane products, research, development, process design, equipment system and technological services that promotes its products both inland and overseas. The products and technologies are mainly applied in sea water desalinization, waste water recycling, use of reclaimed water and high quality drinking water etc. The center is also involved in the industries responsible for electric power, chemical engineering, municipal administration, electroplate, food and medicine, especially in sea water desalinization whose market coverage ranks No.1 nationwide. It boasts three production lines for nanofiltration, hyperfiltration and ultrafiltration with proprietary intellectual property rights that can produce and market 30 and more varieties of products. It is currently undertaking the domestically largest Caofeidian Membrane Sea Water Desalinization Project with a capacity of 50,000 t/d and the Guangdong Waste Water Treatment Project of 60,000 t/d.

The center is dedicated to innovation of science and technology. From "the 7th Five-year Program" to "the 12th Five-year Program", it has successively undertaken and completed over 60 programs such as the national "973", "863". It has won the first and third prize of the National Scientific and Technological Progress, three awards of vital achievements in tackling key problems in science and technology, up to 40 ministerial and provincial Scientific and Technological Progress awards, applied for more than 50 national patents, undertaken over 200 projects, established more than 20 model projects or demonstration points, drawn up more than 20 national and industrial standards, and compiled the technical standards and teaching materials of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and the membrane industry.

The center has 260 personnel, over 70 percent of whom are professional technicians. It boasts a technical staff headed by Academician Gao Congjie (the unique domestic academician in membrane technology) and composed of a batch of domestically prestigious experts in membrane technology. It has also established a new material technology innovation team for water treatment projects in Zhejiang.

The Center has an annual income of approximately 300 million yuan. It is the strongest unit in membrane treatment in China. Supported by the Chemical Industry Group and Bluestart, the Center will develop faster and more stably until it leaves a magnificent blueprint.

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