Guangxi Bluestar Dahua Chemical Co., Ltd.
BlueStar New Chemical Materials Co., Ltd. Guangxi Branch (hereinafter called BlueStar New Materials Guangxi Branch) is affiliated with China National BlueStar (Group) Co., Ltd. It is situated at No.8 Dahua Road, Baise, Guangxi.

BlueStar New Materials Guangxi Branch is a professional manufacturer built upon the titanium dioxide business of the 20-year-old Guangxi Dahua Chemical Plant. It is engaged in titanium dioxide production, boasting a fixed asset worth more than 200 million yuan, an area of up to 700,000 square meters for production and operation and 771 staff members. Currently the company has the capacity to produce up to 36,000 tons of anatase titanium dioxide per year, making it the largest titanium dioxide manufacturer and one of the most important production bases of export commodities in Guangxi.

The company adheres to the production and operation concept that "the products quality should reflect the companys integrity" and "constantly meet the demands of customers". It passed the ISO9001 Quality Certification System in 2010, adopted domestically advanced standards and superior processes and applied perfect and reliable metering and testing measures. The "Tianduohua" titanium dioxide has won titles including "Quality Product of Guangxi" and "Famous-Brand Product of Guangxi" several times. Its products are sold throughout the country as well as in Asia, Europe and Africa.

The company delivers diligence, honesty and progress as a guarantee. It continually relies on increasingly sophisticated technology, standardized management, professional team and wealth of experience, high quality products, and attentive service. Its a win-win situation for the company and its customers.
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