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Shandong Dongda Chemical Industry Co., Ltd is a large-scale chemical enterprise subject to ChemChina. It is a key enterprise of Shandong Province and a national top 500 chemical enterprise. The major products produced each year are propylene oxide of 70,000 tons, polyether glycol of 200,000 tons, ion exchange resin of 20,000 tons, divinyl benzene of 5,000 tons, mix polyether and polyurethane materials of 100,000 tons, 4 billion medical rubber stoppers and 500 million infusion sets whose market shares all rank at the top domestically. The Dongda polyether glycol has become a famous brand in the petrochemical industry, and the Dongda ion exchange resin and medical rubber stoppers are all famous products in Shandong Province.

In 2003, the company was approved as the provincial technology and development center. Its science and technology strength has ranked at the top of the industry. With more than 5 varieties of new products and technologies annually assessed by the Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, the company obtained more than 30 patents. In the course of injecting value in science and technology, the company attached top priorities to boosting the overall quality of talent and cultivating S&T talents, who account for 10 percent of the total staff and are entered in wide and stable technical exchanges and trade cooperation with more than 10 international companies in Germany, the United States, Japan and South Korea in succession.

The Dongda adheres to the development strategy featuring "people first, S&T innovation, excellent quality, honesty and all winners", energetically implements the talent strategy and the brand strategy, vigorously establishes the characteristic corporate culture, boosts the core corporate competitiveness and seizes opportunities. The enterprise has successively acquired such honorary reputations such as "the Provincial Civilized Unit", "the Provincial Trustworthy and Contract-Honoring Enterprise", "the Best Enterprise in Ideological and Political Work in Shandong" and "the Model Unit of Corporate Cultural Construction ".

For many years, the Dongda has been sticking to the global operation strategy, participating in international competition and strenuously exploring the international market. Its products have been exported to countries and territories including Japan, Germany, the United States and Australia, constituting a vigorous, energetic, modern and large-scale chemical enterprise.

During the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, ChemChina plans to establish the 1-million-ton polyurethane devices in BlueStar, which will become the largest producing base of new chemical materials in the northern area of the Yangtze River.


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