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Originally the Xinghuo Chemical Plant of the Ministry of Chemical Industry built in 1968, Jiangxi Xinghuo Organic Silicone Plant is a large-scale enterprise which produces new chemical materials. With over 30 years of construction and the advent of joining BlueStar, the enterprise has taken on a new look. The company now has an annual capacity of 200,000-ton organic silicon monomers and 80,000-ton caustic soda. It also passed the ISO9002 Quality Certification System in 1997. Its products, mainly organic silicon, have been exported to Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea.

The plant entered the field of new chemical materials in the early 1980s and completed domestically large devices to produce organic silicon monomers of 10,000 tons in the 1990s. Today, the organic silicon monomers and the intermediate products have become the dominant items whose volume takes up the most shares among similar products in China.

In May 2000, the Blue Star New Chemical Materials Co., Ltd., with Jiangxi Xinghuo Organic Silicone Plant as its principal part, was triumphantly listed in China, injecting new vitality in the rapid development and expansion of the enterprise. With the constant improvement of production technology, the companys product yields, industrial output and the sales income have seen consecutively stable growth. The synthetic technologies of organic silicon methyl monomer have also reached world superior standards.

In the same process, BlueStar joined the US Carbot Co., Ltd. to establish the 5,000t/y gaseous phase silica project in Xinghuo Industrial Park, which was completed and put into production on August 16, 2006, further boosting market competitiveness of the plants products.

For the time being, the plant is engaged in technical innovation of the organic silicon monomer devices and the new integrated construction of organic silicon with an annual output of 200,000 tons. It is predicted by the end of 2011, the annual output of organic silicon monomers of the plant will reach 500,000 tons.
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