China Bluestar Harbin Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
BlueStar Harbin Petrochemical Corp. was established in July 2000. Located in the chemical industrial park in southeast Harbin, it is a large-scale chemical company engaged in producing organic chemical products. BlueStar built the company from Harbin Huayu Co., Ltd. and Harbin Petroleum Company. It presently boasts a personnel of 821, total assets of 829 million yuan, a fixed net asset value of 424 million yuan and achieved an income of 1.5 billion yuan in 2010.

The company is a large-scale, state-owned manufacturing enterprise of organic chemical products boasting three sets of producing devices -- the 120,000 t/y phenol-acetone devices, the 30,000 t/y phthalic anhydride devices and the 20,000 t/y maleic anhydride devices. Sold in 27 provinces, cities and autonomous areas, the products of the company boast high market reputation and have won wide applause from users due to their leading quality in the domestic industry. In 2006, the company successfully passed experts review, and gained "SHEQ" certification.

The company has received honors and rewards from the ChemChina Group and the Harbin governmental department many times for its zero leakage, low emission, clean production and technology. And the company has also won many titles for its tax payment, sales performance and trustworthiness such as the backbone financial resource of Harbin government, the Harbins top 50 company in sales, the Harbin advanced unit of security, the model trustworthy enterprise of Harbin in 2009, the level-A trustworthy enterprises in tax payment in 2009, the Heilongjiang famous-brand products of phenol, acetone and phthalic anhydride in 2001-2009, and the quality unit in 2010.

While aiming to enhance corporate management, the company has enthusiastically introduced modern management and operation and initiated the OA office system and the ERP management information system, remarkably boosting work efficiency and creating favorable conditions for the development of the enterprise. For the time being, the company is constantly progressing toward a higher goal in the harmonious corporate atmosphere.
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