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Bluestar Celebrates its 36th Anniversary
Spurring the vitality of enterprise as a market player Boosting its high-quality development
Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd. Date: 2020-09-01

China has achieved significant strategic results in its epidemic prevention and control, with its economy demonstrating a steady improvement. Bluestar celebrates its 36th anniversary while standing at a new starting point in the reform and development and at a pivotal juncture in its transformation and upgrading.

In thirty-six eventful years, we have been forging ahead. Responding to the call of market economy reform, Bluestar has developed from industrial cleaning, providing a strong underpinning for the medium- and high-end chemical industry chain. Bluestar has seized the historical opportunity of the global chemical manufacturing industry shifting to China and the rapid development of China’s heavy chemical industry to develop new chemical materials and specialty chemicals in the restructuring of traditional chemical enterprises. Riding the fast lane of China’s economic development, Bluestar has completed a series of international mergers and acquisitions, grasping the dividends of the international capital market pursuing the “Chinese concept.” Bluestar has led the world with its methionine, silicone and other products, forming a certain upstream and downstream relationship between all products. This has initially constituted an interconnected industry cluster of chemical new materials. This cluster advantage has been at play in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic. Bluestar’s global resources were scheduled in a unified manner, with its enterprises at home and beyond rushing to each other’s aid. Bluestar focused its efforts on the production of sodium hypochlorite and a large number of epidemic prevention materials. In 35 days, it built a production line with an annual output of 10 million KN95 silicone masks, demonstrating the responsibility and development strength of an international chemical enterprise.

The world today is experiencing profound changes unseen in a century, with a new-round technological revolution and industrial transformation flourishing. However, the spread of overseas epidemics, rising protectionism and shrinking global markets have brought more instability and uncertainty to the world economy. China’s economy turned from negative to positive in the second quarter and took the lead in stabilizing and rebounding, improving global economic growth expectations. General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that, going forward, we should create new development pattern whereby domestic and foreign markets can boost each other, with the domestic market as the mainstay. The effect of China’s fiscal and taxation policies for dealing with the epidemic has been further manifested, with the automotive, construction and building materials industries steadily recovered. New infrastructure, health protection and others have brought new growth opportunities, rare development ones for Bluestar’s transformation and upgrading for its main products including silicone, PPE, modified engineering plastics, polyether polyols and others. In this context, Bluestar is at a historic juncture of huge market potentials and development space.

Fleeting development opportunities must be grasped. We should run a constant business with perseverance, practice the concept of “science-driven development with a unity of purpose and action,” focus on new chemical materials and specialty chemicals, spur the vitality of enterprise as a market player, and play a greater role in boosting the double economic cycle in China and beyond. We will focus on giving full play to our domestic mega-market advantage, and deeply implement China’s growth strategy of overseas companies such as Adisseo and Elkem to achieve the growth of China’s market share. We will also lay more emphasis on growth points concerning new infrastructure and healthcare, continue to work on strategic emerging industries, strengthen the synergy of business resources, expand strategic customer cooperation, promote integrated marketing and digital marketing, and bolster Bluestar’s business growth in China. We will put into practice the concept of green development, promote the effective operation of the HSE system, implement the “zero-death” initiative, enhance the level of safety and environmental compliance, and make every effort to build a resource-saving and eco-friendly enterprise. We will implement Bluestar’s technological planning covering silicone, engineering plastics and other five core businesses, and strive to break through key technology bottlenecks to achieve the actual effect of localization and shift from the past simple investment-driven model to innovation-driven high-quality development one. We must fight the battle of turning loss-making enterprises into profit-making ones, conduct internal and external coordination, and follow the principle of “one policy for one enterprise” to achieve healthy development of enterprises and boost Bluestar’s high-quality development. We will inject the spirit of craftsmanship pursuing excellence into every link of the industrial chain, make achievements in process optimization, structural adjustment, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and heighten the core competitiveness of our products, so as to be well prepared for the competition in the global chemical industry.

The big boat flows downstream, with green hills on either bank moving backward. In the face of the major impact of the epidemic and significant changes in the international and domestic environment, we must maintain the strategic focus, enhance confidence in victory, nurture new opportunities in crises and create new prospects under changing circumstances, and work to achieve our better quality, higher efficiency, and more competitive and influential development.

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