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Beijing Bluestar Obtained National Grade-A Cleaning Qualification
Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd. Date: 2020-09-08

Beijing Bluestar recently passed the strict examination of the expert review team of "Safety Supervision and Management Committee for Power Industry Boilers and Pressure Vessels" of China Electricity Council, and successfully obtained Grade-A Certificate for Chemical Cleaning Services in Power Industry. So far, Beijing Bluestar has become the only cleaning enterprise in China with all the top qualifications widely recognized in the industrial cleaning sector.

Among all qualifications related to chemical cleaning, the Grade-A Certificate for Chemical Cleaning Services in Power Industry has the highest threshold, is subject to the strictest certification, and basically does not accept applications from enterprises outside the power industry. In 2019, the Safety Supervision and Management Committee for Power Industry Boilers and Pressure Vessels, the organization that manages this certification, reduced the original number of qualified enterprises from 49 to 28 and decided to introduce a limited number of cleaning companies from outside the power industry so as to enhance market vitality.

In response, Beijing Bluestar quickly sent people to contact the Committee, organized professionals to participate in power-industry-oriented chemical cleaning training according to the requirements of "Management Standards for Chemical Cleaning Enterprises in Power Industry", compiled nearly 50,000 words of "Operation Instructions for Chemical Cleaning of Power Equipment", revised more than 20 process control record forms to meet the operation requirements of power industry, and established a dynamic simulation experiment platform. With more than one years unremitting efforts, a professional management team, a perfect quality assurance system, excellent technical ability, advanced machines and testing instruments, Beijing Bluestar successfully dispelled the review experts’ previous concerns about the capabilities of enterprises outside the power industry, and was unanimously recognized by the review team. The originally scheduled two-day review was completed in only one day because the materials were well prepared, and the defense and examination process was smooth.

From now on, Beijing Bluestar will be able to provide chemical cleaning services for all main and auxiliary equipment in the power industry, including ultra-supercritical units, which will provide a strong guarantee for the company to develop its business in the power industry. As the only cleaning enterprise with all the highest-level qualifications in the cleaning industry in China, Beijing Bluestar will also have a better corporate image and provide a new sustainable driving force for further development and innovation in the industrial service field.

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