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Adisseo Announced Acquisition of FRAmelco Group
Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd. Date: 2020-09-08

Adisseo announced that it has reached an acquisition agreement with Dutch feed additive manufacturer FRAmelco Group (FRAnklin Group Co., Ltd. and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, hereinafter collectively referred to as "FRAmelco"). This acquisition is an important step for Adisseo to realize its growth strategy of special products business, which will not only further consolidate its position as the global leader of special nutritional additives for animal feed, but also help Adisseo tap the market potential and strengthen its leading edge in this market.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, FRAmelco Group has three factories in the Netherlands, Spain and Thailand, with business in many countries and regions and annual sales of nearly 30 million euros. Its main products, short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids, promote animal health and improve animal performance, while lysolecithin, another product of the company, improves animals’ digestion and absorption of nutrients. Research shows that FRAmelco is highly complementary to Adisseo in terms of regional coverage, product series, technical advantages, animal categories and target market. Therefore, this acquisition will allow the two parties to work out an integrated solution, help customers reduce the use of antibiotics, improve animal immunity, and create more value for customers.

Speaking of this acquisition, Adisseo CEO Jean-Marc Dublanc said: "We were looking forward to FRAmelco joining the Adisseo family and sharing their industry insights and technical expertise. FRAmelco will bring industry-leading products, solutions and expertise to Adisseo, which will help better meet the current and future needs of customers. Both parties will work together to build an efficient organizational structure to enhance the global competitiveness of our product portfolio. We will become the global leader in short-chain and medium-chain fatty acid products. FRAmelco’s technology is promising and perfectly fits Adisseo’s concept of ‘improving animal health through nutritious feed. The highly complementary advantages and global business networks of Adisseo and FRAmelco will benefit both parties, better serve customers and help us seize market opportunities. "

FRAmelco CEO Lars Snijders said: "We are very happy to be a member of Adisseo, and both parties share the same goal — to provide customers with the most innovative and sustainable feed solutions. FRAmelco has made proud achievements in recent years, whose technologies of short and medium chain fatty acids and lysolecithin bring revolutionary solutions and outstanding value to our customers. In the future, the two sides will integrate their advantages and jointly achieve rapid growth. "

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