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Nantong Xingchen Certified as Nantong’s Only Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise of Jiangsu
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-01-18

Nantong Xingchen was among the 2019 list of Jiangsu Province Credit Management Demonstration Enterprises  released recently by the Leading Group Office of Jiangsu Province Social Credit System. It became Nantong’s only enterprise to win the honorary title of Jiangsu Province Certified Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise in 2020.

The credit management system certification refers to the comprehensive assessment behavior of professional credit institutions established by law to assess whether the credit status and credit management of organizations are in line with scientific, fair and authoritative credit management system standards (international common standards), aiming to improve and guarantee the credibility of organizations, improve their credit management and strengthen the development of their own integrity management system. Based on the requirements of the Implementation Opinions on Advancing Credit Management System Certification and Evaluating Demonstration Enterprises in Jiangsu Province during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period and the Notice of the Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission on Organizing the Implementation of Credit Management System Certification and the Evaluation of Demonstration Enterprises in 2020, the list was made through the recommendations by districts and cities, on-site evaluation and scoring by third-party credit service agencies, and expert reviews.

To further improve the professional level of credit managers, actively respond to Bluestar’s training plan for talented employees with one specialty and multiple skills, and reserve a number of talents with specialized credit management, Nantong Xingchen’s Credit Management Office organized relevant personnel to participate in the qualification examination of Jiangsu Province Credit Manager, with all its eight credit management personnel making it with excellent results in the case that only 62% of candidates passing the exam across Jiangsu province.

Under the current market-oriented economy, good social credit underpins sound economic operation. A continuously improved system for enterprise credit management holds the key to the healthy steady growth of Nantong Xingcheng in the future. The honorary title has been an affirmation of Nantong Xingchen’s long-term achievements in credit management, which is conducive to shaping its brand image, improving its credit ability, and creating a good market environment. It has also enhanced the service quality and strength of Nantong Xingchen. The Nantong-based company’s managers for enterprise credit will make persistent efforts to manufacture high-quality products and win good reputation for development.
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