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Bluestar Chengrand Institute’s Engineering Plastics Facilitates Universiade Hosted by Chengdu
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-01-26

The 31st World University Summer Games will be held in Chengdu in August 2021. To bolster its image and welcome the Universiade, Chengdu Municipal Government has set white plastic flower boxes along the guardrails of the Second Ring Viaduct since November 2020, creating an urban overhead flower corridor. The modified polypropylene developed by Bluestar Chengrand Institute has been designated as the materials for the municipal flower boxes project for the Universiade.

During the period of fighting the epidemic and resuming production, the Engineering Plastics Division of Bluestar Chengrand Institute was commissioned by a customer to develop a material for the inner and outer lining of flower boxes. When learning that the material will be used for the Universiade project, the division has attached great importance to it and immediately organized the technical team to tackle key problems, in a bid to provide high-quality products for the Universiade and give a strong boost to the construction of the hometown.

The company’s commercial and technical team overcame the impact of the epidemic and worked closely together to successfully develop a modified polymer material featuring high strength, light weight and anti-aging. The formula of the material adopts vapor-phase impact-resistant polypropylene and special anti-aging additive system. The material has the characteristics of high impact performance, uniform segment distribution and narrow molecular weight distribution. It has good protection effect for visible light band, ultraviolet light band and thermal radiation in outdoor scenarios, along with excellent anti-aging performance and good color protection effect.

Flower boxes made of this material, which have been jointly reviewed and confirmed by Chengdu landscaping, urban management and traffic management departments, have been successfully mass-produced and put into use. Through strict testing, a flower box has the characteristics of uniform texture, high strength and excellent anti-aging performance, which can withstand the outdoor stress environment and is applicable to various complex climatic conditions. Customers speak highly of the products.

According to relevant reports, the flower box project, one of the key municipal projects of Chengdu to host the Universiade, is planned to be laid along the Second Ring Viaduct and gradually promoted to the Third Ring Road and the Ring Expressway, with a total length of 136 kilometers and an expected demand for over 300 tons of materials.

The successful development of this product will not only bring a new growth point for Bluestar Chengrand Institute but also further expand the application fields of its engineering plastic products, which will produce more positive and gratifying social effects through the hosting of the world-wide event of the Universiade.
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