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Bluestar Holds 2021 Working Conference in Beijing
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-01-27

On January 25, Bluestar held its 2021 working conference in Beijing. The main task of the meeting was to conscientiously implement the spirit of ChemChina’s working conference, summarize the 2020 work of Bluestar, analyze the existing problems and arrange main tasks in 2021. Hao Zhigang, Party secretary and chairman of Bluestar, delivered a keynote speech at the meeting. About 500 members from Bluestar’s Board of Directors, leadership team, headquarters and overseas and domestic managerial teams attended the meeting directly or remotely.

According to Hao’s summary of Bluestar’s annual work, 2020 was an extremely extraordinary and challenging year. Facing severe challenges such as the pandemic, plummeting oil prices, and a sharp decline in prices of major products due to shrinking end demand, Bluestar, under the leadership of ChemChina, was determined to win the battle against the epidemic and resolve the budget. By focusing on its “ten priorities” and growth strategy, it strengthened the reform and management, reversed the loss situation, adjusted its structure and highlighted its main business. It also reduced costs, increased efficiency, ensured safety and prevented risks. Bluestar achieved its annual economic indicators, with EBITDA increasing 36.4% and net profit 150% year-on-year. The workplace safety was stable and positive, with no fatal accidents.

While summarizing the achievements, Chairman Hao also pointed out the main problems in the work. First, the level of HSE management varied. Secondly, the loss amount of some enterprises was large. Thirdly, the profitability of enterprises was insufficient. Fourthly, the structural adjustment did not reach the expectation. Fifthly, the positive incentive is not enough. He requested Bluestar headquarters and all enterprises to face the problems head-on, continue to rectify working style, refine their division of responsibilities, integrate the process of solving problems into the healthy development of enterprises, and drive the healthy development of enterprises through the solution of problems.

Mr. Hao made arrangements for 2021 priorities. He pointed out that Bluestar should thoroughly implement the philosophy of new development, adhere to the Party’s leading role, resolve to reform, deeply put in place the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform, and comprehensively promote the “ten priorities” of ChemChina. Bluestar should develop a balanced safety, environmental protection and health system, optimize the system, actively respond to the epidemic, implement the “zero fatality” plan, and well perform environmental compliance management and occupational health management. It should solidly implement the three-year action plan for reform of state-owned enterprises, accelerate the pace of industrialization, double efforts to adjust business structure and rationalize the layout of fixed asset investment. It should adopt the new development paradigm, focus on the domestic market and important industries, implement the growth strategy of domestic and overseas enterprises, continue to cut costs, improve efficiency, promote benchmarking, optimize plants, and accelerate its digital construction. Under the leadership of ChemChina, it should push forward the three-year management plan for loss-making enterprises, highlight key points, adopt one strategy for one enterprise, take multiple measures, divide responsibilities, and resolutely tighten the management of loss-making enterprises. It should make every effort to reduce liabilities, comprehensively strengthen capital control, and prevent and resolve financial risks in all aspects. It should systematically refine the structure of human resources, coordinate and strengthen the training of officials, take a new approach to positive incentives, and optimize organizations and personnel at all levels. It should practice the concept of “science-driven development,” tackle R&D projects for core technologies, and enhance overall technological capabilities by strengthening technological management, resource integration and cultural progress, in a bid to serve important national strategies. In response to the “100th anniversary of the founding of the Party” and the “Year of Innovation and Expansion of Party Building in Central Enterprises,” Bluestar should further promote the Party building, strengthen the Party conduct and corporation integrity and anti-corruption work, enhance legal compliance and audit compliance, and advance the law-based development of central enterprises.

Shen Xin, chief commercial officer and director of Commercial Department of ChemChina, Ni Huafang, chief technical officer of Bluestar, Cai Hongwei, deputy general manager of Nantong Xingchen, and Jean-Marc, CEO of Adisseo made presentations on marketing management system, process optimization, technology improvement and cost reduction and efficiency enhancement respectively, sharing their working ideas and successful practices in related fields.

Bluestar’s subsidiaries signed the Letter of Safety and Environmental Protection Responsibility, the Responsibility Letter for Operation Objectives and the Loss Turning Responsibility Letter, respectively. These enterprises have expressed that in 2021, they will focus on their tasks, turn loss to profit by improving quality and efficiency, and ensure their healthy operation with workplace safety as the core, so as to boost their high-quality development and make contributions to meeting Bluestar’s strategic objectives for the 14th Five-Year Plan at an early date.
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