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Elkem signs a letter of intent for cooperation with Vow Industries
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-02-10

Elkem recently signed a letter of intent for cooperation with Vow Industries, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vow ASA, a Norwegian professional industrial de-carbonization technology supplier. Vow Industries will set up a new factory outside Oslo, Norway, and combine the advantages of technical resources of both parties to develop bio-carbon and related new products, so as to enhance the green production competitiveness of Elkem.

The bio-carbon is a sustainable raw material made from timber, wood waste and other wood materials. The annual output of the new plant is about 10,000 tons. In the future the factory’s production capacity will be expanded according to actual demand, and it will develop into a new circular and sustainable industrial cluster center.

Elkem is a worlds leading provider of advanced material solutions, and the sustainability of its production will become a competitive advantage. Using climate-neutral renewable bio-carbon instead of fossil reducing agents is a key part of our sustainable production strategy. Our cooperation with Vow Industries will ensure the supply of low-cost, high-quality renewable bio-carbon raw materials, achieve Elkem’s long-term goal of carbon-neutral production, and further enhance our competitiveness in the future," said Michael Koenig, CEO of Elkem.
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