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Shenyang Chemical Group’s Most Beautiful Anti-epidemic Family
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-02-26

On the early morning of January 17, Minglian area, Huanggu District, the largest epidemic control area in Shenyang, ended its lockdown. The couple Lou Xiaotao and Wang Yanling, the most beautiful anti-epidemic family in Liaoning Province, also completed their anti-epidemic task for more than half a month.

Around New Year’s Day, the epidemic situation in Shenyang was grim with the unexpected rebound of COVID-19. On January 2, some communities in Minglian Subdistrict, where confirmed cases were increasing, were locked down as an epidemic control area. Lou Xiaotao, a Party member of Shenyang Chemical Chlor-Alkali Branch, and Wang Yanling, an employee of Shenyang Paraffin-wax Chemical Acrylic Acid Branch, lived in this area. The young couple, who had been awarded “the most beautiful anti-epidemic family” by the Liaoning Women’s Federation, fought against the “epidemic” and signed up as anti-epidemic volunteers, bringing warmth to the people of the control area.

Making all-out efforts to ensure the production of emergency supplies in the first fight against the epidemic

Early last year when the epidemic started, disinfectant became an important material in the anti-epidemic fight, with demand soaring. Shenyang Chemical Chlor-Alkali Branch was responsible for the production of sodium hypochlorite, the original solution of “84 disinfectant”, with the production capacity making up 67 percent of the northeast market.

To meet the demand for epidemic prevention in Liaoning Province and even in the northeast region, Shenyang Chemical needed to further enhance its daily production of 120 tons, which aimed to ensure the smooth operation of the plant and maximize its production capacity. Under the double pressure, Lou, the chief of chlorine and hydrogen treatment section, led workers of sodium hypochlorite post and made a firm vow to the company to “obey the command, ensure quality and quantity, work together and fight the virus”. Not eating well for several days and nights, he took the lead in keeping trying to make adjustments and finally working out a set of precise operation methods. In just one week, the daily output of sodium hypochlorite was raised from 120 tons to 300 tons. According to his colleagues, he was called “the first person in the production line of Shenyang Chemical’s anti-epidemic emergency supplies”.

Lou’s wife Wang Yanling served as the main operator of the central control of Shenyang Paraffin-wax Chemical Acrylic Acid Branch. During the epidemic control last year, her position was responsible for production as well as tank inspection records and product loading. She arrives early for each shift and does her job well. Also, she also shouldered the heavy responsibilities of providing logistical support for Lou Xiaotao, who was working on the frontline of the fight against the epidemic, with all the housework, high-standard meals and psychological counseling made for her husband. She became Lou’s strongest supporter in the fight against the epidemic.

The couple making contributions to community-based epidemic prevention in their second fight against the epidemic

General Secretary Xi Jinping said: “Greatness is forged in the ordinary. Heroes come from the people. Every person is remarkable!”

During the epidemic, Lou and his wife became volunteers in white protective clothing and fought in their new posts, setting a respectable model for ordinary people. Their work started at 8 a.m. and ended at 22 p.m., a 14 hours per day. In a key anti-epidemic area, volunteers needed to go door-to-door to coordinate various problems. Most of the area the couple had been responsible for were old multi-story buildings without elevators. Every day, the couple had to wear masks, face masks, and protective clothing, carrying sampling bottles or a variety of supplies and equipment upstairs and downstairs. Such an outfit made it impossible to see what they originally looked like, except for the names on their backs and the familiar, caring eyes that allowed them to recognize, support and encourage each other.

What they wear on your body is like a barrier; what they carry on your shoulders is indeed a responsibility. Climbing one floor after another and one apartment by another, they often sweated and got soaked. In this cold winter day, they were always determined to move forward despite the tough conditions.

In conducting nucleic acid testing door-to-door, they encountered many situations. There were bedridden elderly people, pregnant women with mobility problems, crying children due to fear, and people who were not accustomed to the testing method and needed to repeat it several times. At this moment, the couple always partnered with the professional sampling staff, constantly encouraging everyone and stabilizing their emotions. Lou said: “Although the other could not see through the mask that I’m smiling, I can use my kind voice to divert a child’s fears and let them know they are not alone.”

There was a bedridden old man having not discharged urine for two days in the area under the responsibility of the couple. The situation was so urgent that the old man needed to be sent to a hospital for treatment immediately. Lou took the initiative to communicate with other community workers to get involved in sending the elderly to see a doctor. With his left lower leg amputated, the old man could not use a wheelchair but only an ordinary chair. The 47-year-old Lou and two young volunteers carried the elderly downstairs and home after the medical treatment at a hospital.

Testing must be done every 48 hours to ensure that all residents should be tested within the required time frame. The intense labor was unimaginable to ordinary people. To save time, despite tiredness, they sat on the stairs for a while, eating only a few mouthfuls for lunch and dinner. Lou said, “We both are very busy every day, without any sense of hunger. We just want to do what we should do as well as possible.” He was already thin, joking optimistically: “Every day is very full. This intensity should be regarded as weight loss and fitness.”

“Why are my eyes often brimmed with tears because I love this land so deeply.” Due to the raging virus, homes were locked down. The prosperity had been turned into depression, while windows were shut tight. Lou and his wife joined the frontline of the fight against the epidemic, colleagues asked him: “Aren’t you afraid?” He said, “Me too, but Im a Party member and I must rush forward at this time.” “I was born in this very place, and its been over forty years now, so the feelings run deep! I’m confident we can beat the virus!”

It was busy and moving days as a volunteer. Ordinary people did honorable things that were very moving. At the critical moment, the couple learned from medical and police personnel, sacrificed a small family’s benefits to protect everyone, and demonstrated the great love in the world together with the loveliest people, resolutely winning the battle against the epidemic.
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