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Hangzhou Water Treatment Awarded the Largest Municipal Wastewater Project in China
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-03-18

Recently, Hangzhou Water Treatment won the bid for an advanced treatment project of Yindingzhuang Wastewater Treatment Plant (YWTP) in Baoding City. With a daily treatment capacity of 325,000 tons, it is currently the largest membrane wastewater treatment project in China, for which Hangzhou Water Treatment will provide a full set of services.

YWTP, located in Baoding City, Hebei Province, was founded in 1996. As the largest wastewater treatment plant in the main urban area of Baoding City, it shoulders the important responsibility of improving the environment of Baoding and Baiyangdian in Xiongan New Area. Through this upgrading and reconstruction project, the effluent quality of YWTP will achieve a major breakthrough and qualitative leap from Grade  = 1 \* ROMAN I Class A to Class IV surface water as defined by the national standard.

When designing the advanced treatment membrane system of YWTP, Hangzhou Water Treatment will innovatively use 3D design in combination with BIM conceptual design to build a smart plant construction management system. After the project is completed, the new management system will interface with the operation management module and the real-time operation data of YWTP, and realize the functions of construction simulation, coordinated collision checking, data tracing, etc., thus realizing digitalized construction and operation management of YWTP and fully meeting the needs of the owner.

More than 10 companies bid for the project, but Hangzhou Water Treatment stood out from all the bidders and won the bid with full performance scores. Based on more than 50 years of technical innovation and engineering experience, the company will optimize the scheme design to meet the customer’s needs, save operating costs and maximize economic benefits for the owner.

The successful practice of Hangzhou Water Treatment in this project will not only bring YWTP advanced concepts of advanced treatment and upgrading, realize a breakthrough in water quality, enhance intelligent management of the system, but also contribute to regional water pollution control and comprehensive treatment, to create a high-quality water environment. Furthermore, the integrated membrane technologies such as ultrafiltration and nanofiltration independently developed by the company have also been used satisfactorily in many municipal projects in China. The company will further spread its successful experience to promote the healthy and rapid development of the industry.
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