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Adisseo Talks with Investors about “New Five Years”
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-04-02

On the afternoon of March 31, the day after its 2020 annual report and sustainable development report was released, Adisseo (600299.SH) held an “Investors’ Day” conference with the theme of "Innovation-based Sustainability and Future". The "WE" team, composed of Hao Zhigang, chairman of Bluestar and Adisseo, Jean-Marc Dublanc, vice chairman and CEO of Adisseo, Virginie Cayatte, CFO and deputy general manager of Adisseo Group, Wang Hao, executive vice president of Adisseo China, Cai Yun, chief financial officer, and Liang Qinan, secretary of the board of directors, introduced the companys current performance and future business development plan. They answered the investors questions about how to achieve performance growth and high-quality development, presented them with a clear road map for the companys sustainable development in the next five years, and expressed the companys concern for Chinese investors and its pursuit of a long-term win-win future.

Comprising the initials of the words West and East, “WE” means that Adisseo fully integrates Chinese and Western cultures and industries, and lets them complement each other so as to form a corporate culture with unique characteristics of Adisseo and build the company into a truly international enterprise worth investing in. The "WE" team said that Adisseo is confident to continue to maintain sustainable growth in the next five years.

"To ensure sustainable growth, we are eager to achieve a perfect balance between economic and human development and the protection of the earths resources." said Jean-Marc Dublanc, who participated in the conference by video link. As a global leader in animal nutrition and health industry, Adisseos mission is to provide healthy, safe, cost-effective and high-quality animal food for the world on the premise of adhering to the principle of sustainable development, he pointed out.

Around its sustainable development goal, Adisseo further introduced the progress and long-term goals of relevant development plans at the "Investors’ Day" conference. The goal of reducing water and energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 20% within 10 years proposed by the company in 2015 was completed in 2020, well ahead of schedule.  Adisseo has been committed to minimizing its environmental impact, and its long-term goal is to achieve "zero accident" and meet the relevant requirements of the Paris Agreement. Speaking of Adisseo’s future development in China, Wang Hao particularly emphasized the long-term significance of Calysseo flagship factory project. The fish feed protein factory under construction in Chongqing adopts subversive biological fermentation technology, and obtains sustainable protein through a brand-new production mode. The production of this protein does not occupy cultivated land and consumes very little water resources. Its breakthrough is not only reflected in technology, but also in economic, social and ecological benefits.

In his speech, Hao Zhigang stressed that agriculture is an important part of the national "14th Five-Year Plan". Building modern aquaculture, implementing the dairy revitalization plan, promoting green and healthy aquaculture, and improving the quality of agricultural products and food safety are all inseparable from the business of Bluestar Adisseo, he said. As always, Bluestar will provide all-round support for Adisseo, an A-share listed company, so that it can fully enjoy the development opportunities of the Chinese market in the next five years, Hao promised.

At the end of the "Investors’ Day", Jean-Marc Dublanc said that the financial and strategic goal of Bluestar Adisseo for the next five years is to build a "dual business pillar" strategy while continuously improving product quality and service, consolidate its global leading position in methionine market, maintain the unique competitive advantage of the company in vitamin business, and accelerate the development of special products business, so as to achieve double-digit compound annual growth of operating income and net profit, as well as a stable dividend payout ratio. Following the sustainable growth model, the company will strive to become the leader in the field of feed additives and the preferred partner for animal feed customers, he added.
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