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Hangzhou Water Treatment’s Desalination Project Shortlisted for GWI’s 2021 Global Water Awards
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-04-20

Zhejiang Petrochemical’s desalination project undertaken by Hangzhou Water Treatment has been shortlisted for the Desalination Plant of the Year in the 2021 Global Water Awards hosted by GWI, a well-known organization in the global water industry. The desalination plant is China’s only engineering project in this award.

GWI is the most authoritative third-party organization in the global water sector. Its Global Water Awards has been known as the “Oscars of the water industry”. The award aims to recognize companies and projects that have made significant contributions to the international water sector over the past year. It is highly affirmed by the industry for its impartiality, professionalism and internationalization. 

The successful selection, an important milestone in the development of Hangzhou Water Treatment, marks that China’s desalination technologies represented by Hangzhou Water Treatment have been recognized by the international water industry. It also means the success of Hangzhou Water Treatment on the international platform. The competition with world-class water companies will empower China’s desalination enterprises to go global.

Hangzhou Water Treatment, the general contractor for the membrane part of Zhejiang Petrochemical’s seawater desalination system, offers a full range of solutions from design, equipment procurement, supply to installation and commissioning. The membrane system is divided into two phases. The overall production will reach 250,000 tons per day after completion. The phase-I project of 100,000 tons per day was put into operation in June 2020, while the phase-II project of 150,000 tons per day will be completed this year. A single unit of seawater reverse osmosis produces over 17,500 tons per day, while a single desalination unit more than 35,000 tons per day, representing the largest single membrane desalination setup in the world. The operating cost of desalinated water is reduced to nearly 3 yuan. Hangzhou Water Treatment is among the world’s leading enterprises specializing in the membrane processing technology.

Hangzhou Water Treatment has now established desalination systems in over 20 countries and regions across the world, winning the applause of owners. It ranked 10th in the 2009-2020 Global Top 20 Developers for Desalination and Water Reuse Projects published by GWI.
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