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Adisseo (China)’s Supply Chain Completes First Bulk Export of Methionine
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-05-12

Recently, liquid methionine produced by Nanjing Adisseo’s plant was delivered on China’s first bulk ship, which set sail from Yangzhou Hengji Daxin Wharf.

This bulk shipping operation was the first attempt of Adisseo (China) (originally exported by container), with 1,500 tons of liquid methionine carried by the Stolt Acer Vessel, which is expected to save USD339,000 in freight and 52% per ton of cost.

In responding to opportunities and challenges under new circumstances and optimizing the logistics cost, Adisseo (China)’s and international supply chain teams have made efforts to develop methionine bulk shipping business through multi-parties discussions to effectively avoid risks, significantly reduce transportation costs and ensure customer supply. In 2022 when the phase-II project of Nanjing Adisseo reaches the designated production capacity, bulk carrier exports will further expand the supply volume and scope to cover the US and Brazil markets, while exploring the ROK, the Middle East and the Chinese markets.

2021 marks the first year of Adisseo (China)s One-China strategy. The methionine bulk shipping business also epitomizes Adisseo (China) team’s innovation. It is believed that the future integration and innovation will continue to bring more growth points and enhance efficiency to Adisseo (China).
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