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Nantong Xingchen Launches Corporate Culture Program for Soft Power
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-05-21

Recently, Nantong Xingchen launched its program for the development of corporate culture, with its leadership team, heads of all departments and members of the program team of Sinochem International’s GROWTH Academy and Nantong Xingchen attending the kick-off meeting.

2021 marks the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan period and of Nantong Xingchen’s “1136” strategy. Under the new situation, the new-stage strategic goals have been set to require maximizing the team’s vitality and strength. Only by uniting as one can all employees generate more energy and empower the company to go farther and better. It has become an urgent need for corporate development at this stage to build consensus and focus on core values through corporate culture. Therefore, Nantong Xingchen Party Committee decided to cooperate with Sinochem International’s GROWTH Academy to launch a program for the progress of corporate culture.

At the kick-off meeting, Ci Longjiang, director of Learning & Development of Chemical Division of Sinochem Group, introduced the program. In-depth lectures on the concept of corporate culture, the content covered by different levels of culture, the importance of corporate culture and other multiple perspectives will help all to understand and emphasize corporate culture and devote themselves to advancing the culture. Xu Haiying, senior manager of Human Resources, Chemical Division of Sinochem Group, shared a classic case of cultural advancement of Sinochem International’s GROWTH Academy, which reproduced the profound impact of GROWTH culture on the enterprise from the conception of concept, practice process and results display.

Zhu Xiaodong, deputy general manager of Nantong Xingchen, made a closing speech, saying that the business performance and economic volume reflect the hard power of the enterprise, while the corporate culture the soft power. To build an outstanding enterprise with international competitiveness, we must foster an excellent corporate culture to mobilize all employees to meet the strategic goals. Currently, it is the first year of Nantong Xingchen’s 14th Five-Year Plan. As the enterprise is also at the stage of the integration of IT application and industrialization, the program will play an important leading role in its long-term development. It is hoped that leaders at all levels and department heads will attach great importance to and do a good job of the program so that every employee can experience that they are inheriting, innovating and carrying the culture.

At the communication meeting for the program, Pang Xiaolin, Party secretary and general manager of Nantong Xingchen, put forward the requirements for the next step. First, all should give full play to their initiative and pool the team’s wisdom to complete the project; second, Nantong Xingchen should refine its unified core values through the program, establish behavioral guidelines, reorganize the management system, set the direction for future work and develop a new values system; third, the enterprise, facing greater challenges, can maintain the loyalty and sense of belonging of employees through the culture and improve cohesion and strength; fourth, it hopes that in the next three to five years, the soft power of culture, technology and innovation and R&D will become its core competitiveness; fifth, the refinement of culture should be both inherited and advanced and be considered in the actual situation of the enterprise and other factors; sixth, the employee satisfaction survey scheme should be designed based on daily work to enhance employee engagement and reflect democratic centralism; seventh, the enterprise should define the phased results in implementing the program and set the work target; and eighth, the program team should do a good job in the division of responsibilities to ensure that the follow-up work is carried out in an orderly manner.

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