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Adisseo China Holds 2nd Quarter Staff Meeting for Enhanced Communication
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-06-23

Adisseo China recently held its second quarter meeting for employees, where the management team at home and abroad and about 200 Chinese employees gathered virtually to focus on hot topics of enterprise development, set the course of innovation and integration, and spark ideas in the exchanges.

Since its inception, Adisseo China has held quarterly staff meetings with full participation, where members of the Adisseo Management Committee debrief on the current-quarter work and answer questions from employees on issues of concern to help Adisseo China employees from across the country regularly understand the company’s strategies, key issues, and performance. The committee has engaged in implementing Adisseo’s integration strategy across China. In addition, the event has stimulated the endogenous motivation of Adisseo in expanding the Chinese market and even the Asia-Pacific market, integrating it into the new development pattern, and further sharpening the competitive edge in the industry.

In this staff meeting, experts from SGS, the world’s leading body for inspection, verification, testing and certification, introduced the greenhouse effect and greenhouse gas emissions caused by global climate change as well as the objectives and significance of carbon emissions peaking and carbon neutrality. They also briefed about the certification of various systems around carbon neutral solutions, presenting a vivid and informative “Green Development Knowledge Lecture” for attendees.

Labor union leaders from different branches of Adisseo China shared their actions and future plans of in terms of social responsibility, including academic aid for needy students with excellent academic performance in Adisseo Shaobo Pearl Class, surgical funds for children with congenital heart diseases, donation to COVID-19 epidemic prevention of Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital, and annual run-up event for caring and love. More people are called on to participate in volunteer activities.

Adisseo’s management teams in China and beyond put safety at the top of various topics, reminding everyone of giving top priority to safety. All should bear in mind the concept of safety through the whole production, thoroughly check all safety hazards, and plug loopholes, so as to safeguard the development of the enterprise. The teams detailed about the Adisseo 2021 development roadmap and Adisseo China’s ten key tasks, including the competitiveness improvement plan, the overall optimization and standardization of the global system, Nanjing phase-II liquid methionine project and Chongqing Kaidisu fish meal protein project, dual-pillar strategy for marketing, local sustainable production in China, digital transformation, China R&D platform, and “the integration across China” organizational structure. They emphasized the key issues of Adisseo in the four areas of safety and sustainability, business growth, competitiveness & operational efficiency, and employees, and encouraged all employees to take measures to empower Adisseo to grow in a greener, more eco-friendly and sustainable manner. Finally, the management quoted classic lines from Chinese philosophers, such as “Those who want to govern their country should first manage their family well”, “When you encounter setbacks, you have to turn to yourself to find fault” and “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Combining the philosophical wisdom of ancient China with modern enterprise management methods, it explained why and how to implement the integration strategy across China, demonstrating the blending of Chinese and Western cultures.
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