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Adisseo China’s R&D and Innovation Center Partners with Dairy Institute of Bright Herding
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-06-26

Adisseo China’s R&D and Innovation Center (the “Center” for short) and Shanghai Dairy Institute Co., Ltd. (SDI), a subsidiary of Bright Herding, announced a strategic partnership. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the Party branches of the Center and of SDI. took the opportunity to launch a Party building ceremony to inject the “red vitality” into their high-quality development.

SDI, a subsidiary of Bright Herding Co., Ltd. boasts the history of 60-odd years of dairy farming. Its business covers the development and promotion of new dairy-farming technologies, the development and application of new feed resources, and laboratory testing services related to the dairy farming.


As a pioneer in the protective methionine for cows and other ruminants, Adisseo has produced and marketed the two best-selling products Smartamine? and MetaSmart?, which are effective in improving milk quality and yield while perfecting overall cow health. In addition, the company continues to launch new products, such as the encapsulated methionine RumenSmart? and the encapsulated lysine Smartamine?ML, which enrich Adisseo’s ruminant portfolio and refine the balanced amino acid nutrition program.


The business cooperation between the two parties has focused on the entire industry chain of the dairy sector, with the areas of cooperation including but being not limited to R&D of dairy farming technologies and cooperation, international exchanges of advanced technology and experience, product development and marketing. Adisseo has taken advantage of its global leading edge in the development, research and production of feed additives, while SDI in the product system evaluation, large-scale pasture experiment and other fields. Both sides have developed and promoted dairy feed additives. For new and key products co-developed and recognized, Bright Herding’s marketing channel will be prioritized for sales. By focusing on the supply of feed resources for dairy farming in the south and the high temperature and high humidity climate conditions, the two sides will also carry out the research on the Research and Demonstration of Key Technologies for Efficient Dairy Farming and Production in Shanghai to improve the production and raw milk quality of dairy cows in the south so as to further improve the comprehensive benefits of dairy farming in Bright Herding, fully boost the development of high-quality milk sources in China, and contribute new technologies and experiences to make the Chinese dairy industry stronger and better.


Wang Zan, vice president of Brightdairy and Party secretary and chairman of Bright Herding, said, “Bright Herding is working with leading global companies, including Adisseo, to promote the high-quality development of Chinas dairy industry from the whole industry chain’s upstream and downstream, with a growing number of people enjoying the joy of deliciousness and health.”


Hao Zhigang, chairman of Bluestar and Adisseo, said, “Adisseo takes innovation as a driving force to boost the development with change, pursue the science-based development, and expand exchanges and cooperation. It also expedites the innovation and business abilities of special products while continuing to hold its leading position in the methionine industry. It works in conjunction with its partners to accelerate the construction of modern breeding system, develop the livestock industry, implement the dairy revitalization plan, and improve the quality of agricultural produces and food safety with its strength.”



Wang Hao, executive vice president of Adisseo China and Party secretary of Nanjing Adisseo, said, “Relying on the R&D and Innovation Center in China, Adisseo will continue to increase its investment in the R&D of the China market. The cooperation with leading Chinese companies such as Brightdairy has once again embodied the ‘Innovations in Adisseo, Accelerating development of China.”
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