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Adisseo Launches One-Million-Euro Research Fund Program
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-06-26

Adisseo has recently decided to launch a new, larger research fund with one-million-euro investment, with a global solicitation for 2 or 3 innovative projects in the next three years to address the most current concerns in the value chain of the farming industry. These issues include using new feeds for relieving pressure on resources, reducing the application of antibiotics, improving animal nutrition levels during early days of animals for lower mortality, adapting to the global warming, and decreasing water consumption of livestock, nitrogen and phosphorus emissions and other environmental footprints. This year, Adisseo will first solicit research subjects on nutrition of poultry and pigs, with future studies to be extended to other species. A scientific committee consisting of five academic professors and ten representatives of the feed industry will be responsible for the solicitation and selection of best candidates.


Adisseo has a long-standing tradition of supporting the R&D and innovation of feed science. During the decade ranging from 2006 to 2016, Adisseo had established the Rhodimet? Global Research Fund, which had devoted itself to studying the additional effects of sulfur-containing amino acids, harvested a slew of creative achievements, and consolidated Adisseos leading position in the methionine industry.


Jean-Fran?ois Rous, executive vice president of Global R&D Innovation at Adisseo, said, “Through years of collaboration with international laboratories and universities, Adisseo has built a strong science network that fosters innovative solutions to facilitate knowledge updates and technology upgrading in the industry.”
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