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President Li Fanrong of Sinochem Holdings Inspects Bluestar Dongda
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-07-27

To further learn and implement the new vision for development and guide the green, healthy and sustainable development of enterprises, Li Fanrong, board director, president and deputy secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of Sinochem Holdings, conducted in-depth investigation on main Shandong-based enterprises under Sinochem Holdings in Dongying, Zibo, Liaocheng and Tai’an, respectively, greeting the front-line officials and workers from July 20 to 23.

On July 21, Li Fanrong inspected Shandong Bluestar Dongda Chemical Co., Ltd. for investigation and guidance, listened to the work report, and exchanged views on safety, management, future development, and intellectual property protection. Accompanying the investigation were Chen Dechun, Zhong Ren and Zhang Fang, members of the Leading Party Members’ Group and deputy general managers of Sinochem Holdings, Zhu Xiaolei, deputy Party secretary of Bluestar, and heads of relevant functional departments and divisions.

In the central control room of Bluestar Dongda, Mr. Li had an in-depth understanding of the operation model of Bluestar Dongda by watching the management platform for sales, procurement and financial affairs running in the real-time database on the management platform for Dongda value chain. At the production site, Li researched the production, operation, safety and environmental control of the new high-performance polyether polyol with an annual output of 300,000 tons in Bluestar Dongda. Liu Yi, Party secretary, chairman and general manager of Bluestar Dongda, reported Bluestar Dongda’s development, HSE management, business areas, technological innovation, operation, project construction and future planning. Mr. Li Fanrong highly recognized the market-leading product chain and digital and delicacy management of Bluestar Dongda with independent intellectual property rights. He stressed that the merge and reorganization of ChemChina and Sinochem have delivered a bigger platform to Bluestar Dongda that should do a good job of self-developed innovations from a higher perspective.

After conducting in-depth research and listening to the report on the work of Bluestar Dongda and the other Shandong-based enterprises, Li put forward six requirements in Party building, project promotion, reform and innovation, safety, environmental protection, and delicacy management.

All the enterprises must strengthen the Party building and step up efforts to cultivate professionals. They must give top priority to the political work of the Party, thoroughly study Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and keep enhancing their capacity for political judgment, thinking, and implementation. They must conduct education activities for learning the Party’s history and “serve the people in a down-to-earth manner. They also must build an excellent official team, optimize the teams structure, cultivate young officials, and improve conduct for more clean, self-disciplined, positive and mission-oriented officials. They must fight against corruption and misconduct, implement the eight-point decision on improving Party and government conduct, and oppose the “Four Forms of Official Misconduct”.

All the Shandong-based companies must better their HSE work and fulfill their responsibilities for safety and environmental protection. They must adhere to the concept of putting people and life, always perceive health, safety and environmental protection as their lifeline, and strengthen HSE management prudentially. They also must examine themselves with higher requirements and stricter standards and continue to improve intrinsic safety and build an excellent system. Flood and emergency response schemes must be prepared to ensure the safe and smooth operation of production.

All the enterprises should seize new opportunities and map out their future plans from the perspective of Sinochem Holdings. The merge and reorganization of the two chemical companies represent a crucial initiative to implement major strategic arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. All enterprises at all levels should think about their development position based on the overall planning of Sinochem Holdings, seize the opportunity for developing the chemical industry, and strengthen the coordination. They also should prepare plans for their future development and bring into play the synergy.

All the companies must continue to follow the green low-carbon path of development and make planning for their sustainable development. They should fully and faithfully implement the new vision for development. Led by the double goals of carbon neutrality and peak carbon dioxide emissions, they should embark upon the green and park-based development, attach great importance to energy saving, emissions reduction and environmental protection, and sharpen their core competitive edges through the green low-carbon development.

All enterprises should strengthen technological innovation and develop differentiated and high-end products. They should pursue open and innovative development, combine independent innovation and collaborative innovation, and continue to increase investment in R&D. They also should enhance product competitiveness, expand product application fields, and create more hit products. They must do a good job of safeguarding intellectual property rights, better their digital management platform, and build more smart plants.

All companies must pursue excellence in development and continue to strengthen delicacy management. They should aim at the goal of building themselves into world-class enterprises, take management improvement as an important means to enhance their competitive edge, and strengthen the lean management. They also should build a superior managerial system, realign themselves with advanced enterprises, and continuously improve operational efficiency. As such, they can reduce product costs, improve product quality, and gain a good reputation.
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