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Bluestar Honors Subsidiaries with Science and Technology Award
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-08-18

On August 5, Bluestar’s subsidiaries won the first Bluestar Science and Technology Award for their nine projects through strict selection, oral defense and multi-level review.

Bluestar Science and Technology Award, established at the end of 2020, aims to encourage subsidiaries to develop core technologies that are in line with Bluestar’s long-term development. It can make up for the lack of incentives of existing science and technology awards for industrializing R&D projects within one year to guide technological innovations to better underpin and lead business development. The Award consists of Grand Prize, First Prize, Second Prize and Outstanding Progress Award, which are selected once a year. Except for the Outstanding Progress Award, all the other awards are aligned with global advanced standards. By technical and economic indicators, the annual Bluestar Science and Technology Award was finally selected in line with Bluestar’s development strategy to motivate enterprises and employees to diligently conduct research and innovation for their sustainable development.

In 2021, the first Bluestar Science and Technology Award received 20 projects from 14 enterprises in China and beyond. Nantong Xingchen and the Technology Center was honored with the Grand Prize for their “Technology development and application of 10,000-ton solution-based Polyphenylene Ether (PPE) production”. Leigh Institute, Bluestar Chengrand Institute and Xinghuo Silicones were granted the First Prize for the “Eco-friendly salt-resistant denitrification microbial agent product development”, “Preparation technology and engineering research of high-frequency circuit components silicone coating” and “High-performance self-permeable oil-added liquid silicone rubber”. The Second Prize went to Nantong Xingchen, Xinghuo Silicones, Shenyang Chemical and Hangzhou Water Treatment for their projects such as “Development and application of clean production processes for bisphenol A isomerization pollutant emission reduction and non-stop descaling”, “Tetramethylsilane mixture comprehensive utilization”, “R&D of second-generation chlorine-vinegar copolymer paste resin PCH-04” and “R&D and industrialization of high-flux water purification membrane products”. Lanzhou Fiber and Leigh Institute were awarded the Outstanding Progress Award for their “Research on key technology and equipment for industrialization of 50K large tow carbon fiber through 1,000-ton sodium thiocyanate method”. The nine award-winning projects cover Bluestar’s five core technologies, including key plastics and resins, silicones, high-performance fibers, and membrane technologies. Also, they involve seven new product development projects, two technology enhancement projects, five initial commercialization projects, three scale-up production projects, and one project at the pilot stage.

In addition to the honorary awards, Bluestar gave millions-of-yuan bonuses to 71 technological innovators from 13 enterprises involved in the above nine projects. The incentive mechanism has been developed to empower employees to devote themselves to technological innovation at the R&D stage and further share Bluestar’s honor and achievements while continuously contributing their ingenuity to the business development.
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