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Vice President Yang Shihao of Sinochem Holdings Inspects Lanzhou Fiber and Lanzhou Silicon
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-08-10

To thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important remarks and instructions on the new vision for development and boost the high-quality development of enterprises, Yang Shihao, vice president and member of the Leading Party Members’ Group of Sinochem Holdings and president and deputy Party secretary of ChemChina, conducted investigations at Lanzhou Fiber and Lanzhou Silicon on August 3 and 4. Hao Zhigang, chairman and Party secretary of Bluestar, and Gao Jianjun, secretary of the discipline inspection committee, accompanied the research.

On August 3, Mr. Yang arrived at Lanzhou Fiber to visit the 50K large-tow carbon fiber production line, understand the operation, safety production and environmental protection in each workshop, and listen to the work report of Zhou Baoqing, Party secretary and general manager of Lanzhou Fiber.

Mr. Yang Shihao spoke highly of Lanzhou Fiber’s 50K large tow project and put forward five requirements for its next-step work. First, Lanzhou Fiber should continue to make more technological innovations and as a national high-tech enterprise, shoulder responsibilities to make breakthroughs in key & core technologies. It needs to advance in reflection and learn from past failures. It must tap its development potential and formulate the long-term planning. It should innovate the grassroots production line. Second, the Lanzhou-based company should produce high-quality and low-cost products, believe that “there are always more solutions than difficulties”, and timely coordinate local resources and other forces to solve the problems in its development and construction. Third, it should strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and give priority to building a talent team. As the large tow project is not easy to come from construction to production, the enterprise should double efforts to protect intellectual property rights and implement institutional reform, stimulate the vitality of innovation, and promote the new vision for development. Fourth, regarding Party building, the company must turn the CPC committee’s instructions into what the grassroots people can understand according to the actual conditions and bring into full play the master spirit of everyone. Discipline inspection personnel must not only focus on the inspection, but also “cure the sickness to save the patient” by adopting precautionary measures for other departments. Fifth, the enterprise should use modern means to manage and upgrade itself and digitalize operational efficiency and competitiveness in a bid to achieve comprehensive innovation and transformation in the new era of digital economy.

Mr. Hao Zhigang put forward three recommendations for Lanzhou Fiber’s work. First, the enterprise should strengthen the safety and environmental protection and attach much importance to VOC management. Second, the company has now launched the operational excellence project that should focus on improving production capacity and quality and cutting costs. It should utilize internal and external resources, establish a professional team, and strive to create quantifiable yields. Third, it should promote carbon fiber as a major direction for the future development of the Group’s new materials division. Also, it should do a good job in preparing medium and long-term strategic planning and explore more possibilities for external cooperation.

On August 4, Yang Shihao came to Lanzhou Silicon to listen to the report on “Building a safe and beautiful new Lanzhou Silicon within 100 days” by Zhang Lijun, vice president of Global Operations of Elkem Silicones and Party secretary and general manager of Xinghuo Silicones, and by Jiang Gansheng, Party secretary and general manager of Lanzhou Silicon. Yang also debriefed over the reports on HSE work, production and operation, EBS work, corporate changes, and difficulties and challenges. Mr. Yang also went into the front line to understand the production process of industrial silicon in 1# and 2# furnaces, asked about the application of Elkem’s automated control system for electric furnaces and Dragon system, and inspected the liquid silicon casting system and the construction of flue gas and dust removal projects for 4# and 5# furnaces.

Yang Shihao praised Lanzhou Silicon’s industry-leading smelting dust removal efficiency and affirmed what the new leadership team had achieved in just two months, presenting five points of guidance. First, Lanzhou Silicon should continue to carry forward the fine tradition of Bluestar, seize the opportunity, pioneer in making innovations, and pool talents and efforts to develop the enterprise. Second, the Lanzhou-based company should do a good job of integration with Elkem, learn from each other, and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses to improve the management. Third, the Lanzhou enterprise should continue to focus on safety production, put people first and strengthen safety management by benchmarking against Elkem’s higher safety standards. Fourth, it should well perform environmental protection, achieve targets of peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality, and operate itself in long-term compliance. Fifth, it should strive to maintain the advanced nature and clean work style of Party members and officials, practice the original mission, and strengthen its Party building.


Hao Zhigang hoped that Lanzhou Silicon will continue to steadily improve, confront safety and environmental deviations head-on, and achieve all-round safety management free of blind spots. It should attach importance to production costs, improve equipment operation rate, and operate in a cost-effective manner to achieve stable and efficient production, operation and management. As the silicon industry chain has a good market prospect, the company should refine future planning, strive for more national preferential policies, seek more excellent resources, further reverse losses and achieve high-quality development.
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