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President Li Fanrong of Sinochem Holdings Inspects BCMC
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-10-22

On October 22,  Li Fanrong, board director, president and deputy secretary of the Leading Party Members Group of Sinochem Holdings inspected Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. (BCMC), a subsidiary of Bluestar, greeting the front-line officials and employees. Yang Shihao, vice president and member of the Leading Party Members’ Group of Sinochem Holdings, and Zhu Xiaolei, deputy Party secretary of Bluestar, participated in the research.

Li Fanrong first came to BCMC’s exhibition hall, R&D center and production workshop for on-site investigation. Qiao Xiaofeng, Party secretary and general manager of BCMC, detailed the development history, technological R&D, core electrolysis technology, and production of electrolyzers.


Afterward, Mr. Li listened to the report on BCMC’s overall work, putting forward four hopes and requirements on safety management, technological innovation, operational excellence and Party building.


First, all the staff must firmly bear in mind the concept of “all accidents can be avoided” and “people first and life first” by strengthening the safety management. They need to improve the system development. According to the newly revised Safety Production Law and the new workplace safety management system promulgated by Sinochem Holdings, they need to build a safety system that meets the actual situation of BCMC, especially to establish an incentive mechanism for identifying hidden risks. All the officials and workers need to strengthen the capacity building in safety and do an excellent job of monitoring through big data. The management at all levels should set an example and assume safety responsibility. They must intensify epidemic prevention and control efforts in overseas projects and strictly implement anti-epidemic measures at project sites. In addition, they should greet and care for families of overseas employees.


Second, BCMC needs to step up efforts on technological innovation and take a science-driven approach to its overall high-quality development. Following national macro policies, the enterprise needs to further optimize the strategic planning for product development under the14th Five-Year Plan, focus on core competencies, and facilitate its transformation and upgrading through scientific and technological innovation.

Third, BCMC needs to strengthen benchmarking management and make continuous improvements to create an excellent management and operation system. By improving the supply chain, digitalization and process management capabilities, BCMC needs to reduce costs and increase quality and efficiency. It needs to motivate researchers further to participate in market expansion and empower marketing with technologies. It needs to take advantage of the business synergy across the Group to promote electrolysis and energy-saving technologies in chlor-alkali producers within the Group.

Fourth, BCMC must strengthen Party building and build a healthy team of officials and workers. It needs to enhance the passion of Party members and employees for its commitment by strengthening the Party building. Officials must work with integrity by building an effective mechanism for ensuring that they dare not, cannot and will not be corrupt.
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