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Bluestar Showcases International Strength at CIIE
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-11-07

On November 5, the 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE) kicked off in Pudong, Shanghai. The global commodity chain, industrial chain and innovation chain were interconnected, demonstrating the effect of CIIE. Bluestar’s Adisseo and Elkem Silicones have launched wonderful “Expo Moments” from the high-tech booth offering strong immersive experiences and a vivid display of innovative animal nutrition products to the grand celebration of one million electric vehicles equipped with silicone products. They have injected more confidence and vitality into the international economic and trade development amid the epidemic.


At this Expo, Sinochem Holdings held a special signing event where Bluestar enterprises conducted important cooperation with new and old customers to map out a new blueprint of mutual benefits. Attending the signing ceremony were Ning Gaoning, chairman of Sinochem Holdings, Yang Shihao, vice president of Sinochem Holdings, and Hao Zhigang, chairman and Party secretary of Bluestar. In the meantime, Bluestar Adisseo and Fujian Shengnong Development Co., Ltd. signed the contract. Fujian Shengnong has focused on broiler breeding, slaughtering, processing and sales, representing a leading enterprise with a high degree of modernization, good quality and large scale in the domestic poultry farming industry. The two sides worked together to lay a solid nutritional foundation for Fujian Shengnong’s vision of “building itself into a world-class food enterprise with one billion broiler industry cluster”. Shenyang Chemical and Kao Trading Corporation Shanghai signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Through 34 years of close cooperation, Shenyang Chemical has become the largest customer of the Kao Group’s polymer resin division and a core customer of the Kao Group’s global market. Together, the two sides have made strides towards high-quality products and services. In addition, Adisseo reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangming Animal Husbandry at the centralized signing ceremony of state-owned enterprises of CIIE Shanghai trading group. Currently, Guangming Animal Husbandry is one of the largest comprehensive service companies for dairy industry in China, covering pasture management, forage planting, dairy breeding, special feed for dairy cows, consumables and custody services. The two sides will conduct the all-round cooperation in “carrying out technological research in the dairy industry, developing new products of dairy cow feed additives and sharing experts and technical resources”, constantly improving China’s dairy farming and comprehensive benefits.


Ning Gaoning, chairman of Sinochem Holdings, and Yang Shihao, vice president of Sinochem Holdings, also visited the Bluestar booth and inquired about Bluestar’s products.


Adisseo has explained the rich connotation of “originating from France and fostering itself in China” from the dimensions of animal nutrition and health, low carbon, emissions reduction and innovative R&D for sustainable development through high-tech presentation methods such as AR sand table and motion-sensing interactive games. All these efforts have demonstrated the strategic determination to expand its Chinese market. The series of animal nutritional additive products have led new trends of the industry development. Specialty products, or “antibiotic-free feed”, have provided antibiotic alternative solutions to boost the sustainable development of China’s livestock and food industries. The hit product of FeedKind? single-cell proteins has promoted low-carbon innovative technologies and driven the green and sustainable development of the aquaculture industry, attracting wide attention. Ning Gaoning recognized Adisseo’s R&D and innovation regarding food safety in the green, low-carbon and sustainable dimensions. He hoped that Adisseo would continue to use green, low-carbon and innovative technologies to make greater contributions to the sustainable development and food safety in China’s aquaculture industry.


Elkem Silicones held a grand celebration ceremony for one million electric vehicles fitted with Bluesil? high-performance electrical and electronic component solutions at the exhibition site. The ceremony also coincided with the first anniversary of the official operation of the Delta workshop, one designed for silicone products for hybrid and pure electric vehicles. Lise Nordgaard, Consul General of Norway in Shanghai, attended the ceremony. Elkem Silicones have launched a range of hit products including Bluesil? battery pack sealing materials, battery thermal conductive materials, Bluesil? silicone cables with excellent flame retardancy and insulation, and Bluesil? ESA thermal conductive products for charging piles. They have been used to protect battery packs of more than one million electric vehicles, with Elkem Silicones’ battery packs and cables applied for one in every six electric vehicles. By making its debut in the consumer products area at CIIE, Elkem Silicones also exhibited a range of high-quality, high-tech, healthy and eco-friendly solutions for fabrics, synthetic leather, construction, energy, food and health care industries.


Hao Zhigang said, “By participating in CIIE for four consecutive years, Bluestar has cooperated with famous enterprises at home and abroad, created opportunities while opening up, resolved problems through cooperation, and built a mutually beneficial and win-win innovation ecosystem. It has not only delivered the ‘spirit of cooperation’ to the industry but also leveraged the huge vitality of the world market to unleash the enterprise’s potential for innovations. Going forward, Bluestar will adhere to the new development philosophy, involve itself in the global value chain, and ascend to new heights in multilateral cooperation, in an effort to emerge as a world-class chemical enterprise featuring openness, innovation and global competitiveness.”
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