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Bluestar Adisseo’s Liquid Methionine Production Exceeds One Million Tons in China
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-12-03

On December 2, Bluestar Adisseo had produced one million tons of liquid methionine in China as a new batch of Rhodimet AT88 products rolled off the line. Vice President Yang Shihao of Sinochem Holdings, Director Chen Jianning of New Materials Science and Technology Park of Jiangbei New Area in Nanjing, Chairman Hao Zhigang of Bluestar and Adisseo and Executive Vice President Wang Hao of Adisseo Greater China attended the ceremony celebrating the 1,000,000th ton of the Rhodimet AT88 output and congratulated Bluestar Adisseo on this milestone that has consolidated its leading position in this field.

Bluestar Adisseo is a core enterprise in the life science division and the only one focusing on animal nutrition in Sinochem Holdings. Serving as the world’s leading producer of animal nutrition additives and the second-largest methionine manufacturer, Adisseo is one of the few companies that can produce both liquid and solid methionine. Among the largest and most technologically advanced liquid methionine projects in China, the phase I project of liquid methionine in Nanjing Adisseo was included in the key construction list of Jiangsu Province in 2010. Thanks to the integrated whole-process production technology and world-class manufacturing capabilities, the Nanjing Adisseo plant has emerged as one of the world’s leading liquid methionine bases in terms of production scale and cost control, making a significant contribution to the development of Bluestar Adisseo worldwide, especially in China.

Vice President Yang Shihao said that from the international and domestic environment, green and low-carbon development has become a global consensus. A global leader in animal nutrition, Adisseo has been committed to providing innovative products and services to the feed and food industries. The products and solutions are important for applying the “low-protein ration” technology promoted by China’s Ministry of Agriculture and helping address issues such as food security. It is hoped that Bluestar Adisseo will continue to give full play to its advantages to provide quality products, play an important role in the health and safety of the food supply chain, and make a big push for the green, low-carbon and high-quality development of China’s feed and food industry.

Hao Zhigang said that the development of Bluestar Adisseo in China has held the key to the global business arrangements of Bluestar. The company originating in France is vigorously developing in China. In implementing “China’s integration strategy”, Bluestar Adisseo has also contributed to the R&D of new technologies and products with Chinese talents and China’s efficiency to better meet global customers’ continuous and stable demand. Being confident, he anticipated that Bluestar Adisseo would deliver more brilliant results in the future.

Chen Jianning said that Nanjing Adisseo has been operating smoothly since it was put into production in 2013. Thanks to stable and reliable technology indicators, the company is among top enterprises in the park in terms of comprehensive strength. At the new starting point, Chen believed that Adisseo Nanjing would continue to pool efforts to overcome difficulties and play a leading role in giving a strong boost to the high-quality development of the park.

Herve Alexandre, head of the Global Methionine Division of Bluestar Adisseo, sent congratulations via a video, emphasizing that the 1,000,000th ton of the Rhodimet AT88 products is not only a glorious achievement but also a new beginning. Bluestar Adisseo will further consolidate its leadership in the methionine field and will always be committed to serving as the most recognized partner of its customers.

In his speech, Wang Hao pointed out that the phase II project of the Nanjing plant would be put into operation in the second half of 2022. The company is confident that it will rely on scale effects and process improvements to reduce the production cost of liquid methionine further and consolidate its leading position in methionine. Upholding the philosophy of “in science we trust”, Bluestar Adisseo will further optimize and expand its development strategy across China as a way to emerge as a domestic market pacesetter in animal nutrition through innovation and sustainable development.

Multiple customers and partners have sent congratulatory videos expressing appreciation for the sustainable products and solutions offered by Bluestar Adisseo, looking forward to continuing to bring more benefits for all. On the ceremony, employee representatives who had participated in the preparation of the Bluestar Adisseo’s Nanjing Plant in 2009 were proud and happy to grow with the company and devote themselves to the 12-year development.

The Nanjing plant’s new batch of products marks a glorious milestone, gathering the hearts and efforts of Bluestar Adisseo members. With the advancement and production of the Nanjing Liquid Methionine Plant phase-II project (BANC2), the Nanjing base, one of the global production platforms, will ascend to new heights, supported by the maximum synergy with the existing plant and the substantial assistance of the China-based R&D and innovation center. A promising future is coming.
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