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Elkem closes acquisition of new facility in France to accelerate specialty silicones growth
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Elkem today announces it finalized the acquisition of a new manufacturing plant to support its growth strategy. The new facility, located in Salaisesur-Sanne, France, will manufacture high-quality organo-functional silicones for key specialty applications used in markets including Personal Care and Release Coatings.

Organo-functional silicones are typically used as additives at low levels in formulations to enhance performances and bring efficiencies in multiple applications – thereby reducing the impact of modern society on climate and the environment.

“This new facility helps strengthen Elkem’s position in key, high-value specialty markets by bringing new manufacturing capabilities and additional capacity,” said Frédéric Jacquin, Senior Vice President in charge of Elkem’s Silicones Division. “Organo-functional silicones combine the unique properties of silicones with the compatibility and functional benefits of organic chemistry. They are used in a broad panel of applications, including personal care, release coatings, textiles, agriculture, and plastics.”

Over the past several months, Elkem ran production trials to ensure the plant’s advanced manufacturing equipment is fit-for-purpose and in good working condition. Elkem also worked closely with the local administration to obtain appropriate administrative permits aligned with Elkem’s planned activities.

The new plant is located in the area south of Lyon, near Elkem Silicones’ existing facilities in France, including the Roussillon upstream plant, the main European downstream production site in Saint-Fons, and the new global Research & Innovation center.

“The acquisition confirms the strategic importance of the Rh?ne Valley for Elkem’s silicones innovation and supply chains,” said Laurent Dumont, General Manager of Elkem Silicones France. “Elkem is a committed industrial partner in the region, where we have freshly added a new Research & Innovation Center and announced a strategic investment at our upstream silicones plant in Roussillon to support robust customer demand growth.”

Organo-functional silicones include a wide panel of chemistries. The new plant will initially focus on low-volatile cosmetic-grade alkyl- & polyether-modified silicones, then progressing to include additional functionalities destined for different applications. Future expansions of the plant are already being planned. Elkem acquired the new unit from Thor, a global producer and supplier of specialty biocides, flame retardants and personal care ingredients.

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