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Nantong Xingchen Awarded as Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise
Source: ChemChina Date: 2022-01-11

Recently, Nantong Xingchen was awarded as Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise in China’s Petroleum and Chemical Industry according to the Decision of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation on Recognizing 2021 Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprises.

An “Innovation Demonstration Enterprise” refers to one that features strong technological innovation capability, remarkable innovation performance and important demonstration and guiding role in relevant sectors or fields of the petroleum and chemical industry. Its evaluation indicators include technological innovation input, innovation team building, innovation cooperation, innovation conditions, technological reserve, technological innovation output and technological innovation benefits. This year, a total of 15 companies nationwide won the honorary title. With this title, enterprises are expected to have a priority in obtaining relevant policy support, information consultation, results identification, award application and other services offered by the Federation, as well as to be recommended or nurtured in the national science and technology programs organized by it and in the events of the industry’s science and technology innovation system.

Nantong Xingchen has taken an innovation-driven approach to development to shape the future through its efforts in science and technology. The enterprise has been implementing the concept of “in science we trust and unity of knowledge and practice” by combining independent R&D with cooperation between enterprises, universities and research institutes and external joint development. It has leveraged the advantages of innovation platforms such as Jiangsu Provincial Institute for Polyphenylene Ether Engineering Plastics, Jiangsu Provincial Technology Center for Certified Enterprises and Nantong Center for Modified Engineering Plastics, producing a series of scientific and technological achievements with high technical content and good social and economic benefits, including production technology and application of polyphenylene ether via the 10,000-ton solution method. The company was awarded the China Excellent Patent Award for three years in a row. Up to now, it had 63 valid authorized patents, including 54 invention patents.

This award has demonstrated the petrochemical industry’s high recognition of Nantong Xingchen’s R&D and technological innovation capabilities, playing a positive role in further developing Nantong Xingchen’s creativity in science and technology innovation and enhancing its core competitive edge. Going forward, Nantong Xingchen will give full play to the platform as an “innovation demonstration enterprise”, foster new business, develop new technologies, promote new projects, and increase investment in technological innovation. The company will strengthen the research of key & core technologies in areas such as technological innovation of new chemical materials, development of new products and applications, green circular development and carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. In addition, it will continuously improve independent innovation capability and boost its high-quality development.
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