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Shenyang Chemical Scores Excellent Results in Laboratory Capability Comparison
Source: ChemChina Date: 2022-01-18

To enhance the local capacity of inspection and testing technologies for chemicals, Liaoning Provincial Market Supervision Administration (LPMSA) and Shenyang Municipal Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute (SMPQSII) conducted the comparison of laboratory capacity in chemical product inspection and testing among dozens of inspection agencies and related enterprises across the province. A highly influential chemical enterprise in the province, Shenyang Chemical was among the first batch of comparison enterprises, receiving much attention from relevant departments.

The entire comparison was completed under the supervision of SMPQSII. In the comparison, they used the Z score to evaluate the results, where a |Z| of not bigger than 2.0 means a satisfactory result. Through SMPQSIIs statistical summary of the comparison results of all participating organizations, Shenyang Chemicals Z score in the laboratory capability comparison was “-0.2”, which was much better than the evaluation standard of |Z| that is not bigger than 2.0. The capacity comparison result has also demonstrated that Shenyang Chemical’ s testing technology has been accurate and reliable with outstanding results.
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