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Shanna Company’s Rubber Workshop Noise Control Reaches Advanced Level in the Industry
Source: ChemChina Date: 2022-01-20

Recently, an occupational health expert group from the National Occupational Health Service Expert Committee, National Health Commission and Shanxi Provincial Health Commission conducted an on-site acceptance evaluation of the rubber-cutting machine noise control renovation project of Shanna Company’s rubber workshop. After demonstration, verification, inspection and testing, the expert group considered that the project has reached the advanced level of relevant workplace noise control in China and the experience of occupational hazard management is worth promoting in the industry.

All along, the leadership of Shanna Rubber attaches great importance to the occupational health of employees, actively carries out the treatment of workshops with occupational hazards such as dust, chemical toxins and noise, continuously strengthens the supervision and management of occupational health, and improves the working conditions in the workplace. The company has implemented VOCs treatment in the rubber, water treatment and other workshops, installed air conditioners in the operation rooms of all units, and added a fresh air system to the DCS central control room, to create a more comfortable working environment for employees.

In the Party history learning and education activities in 2021, the company’s leadership conscientiously put into practice the requirements of "learning Party history, understanding Xi Jinping Thought, doing practical things, opening a new situation", and found the entry point and focus of "doing practical things" according to actual conditions. By reaching out to the frontline workers, listening to their opinions and collecting their needs, the companys leadership learned that the noise from the rubber workshop’s rubber-cutting machines had a certain impact on the health of employees, so they immediately decided to implement a noise control project, which was then led by the Department of Safety and Environmental Protection. They invited experts from the National Occupational Health Service Expert Committee to the company to conduct site survey and develop a noise treatment plan according to the actual situation of the company. After nearly three months of construction, installation and commissioning, the noise treatment project of rubber-cutting machines was completed and put into operation.

Acceptance evaluation experts pointed out that Shanna Rubber, in accordance with the requirements of national laws, policies and standards on occupational disease prevention and control, actively implemented the main responsibility of the employer, invested a lot of human, material and financial resources, carried out the work of noise control in an orderly manner, and fulfilled its social responsibility. The project, from the establishment to the completion, was carefully implemented in strict compliance with the "Specifications for the Design of Noise Control System in Industrial Enterprises" (GB/T50087) and other national standards, and its plan was scientific, its implementation process was rigorous, and its control effect was significant, the experts concluded. The project has been unanimously recognized and praised by the employees and grassroots management.
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