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Bluestar Elkem Silicones joins the world-famous French Aerospace Valley cluster
Source: ChemChina Date: 2022-02-10

Another good piece of news came at the beginning of 2022 — Bluestar Elkem Silicones joins the French Aerospace Valley (FAV), one of the worlds leading clusters for aerospace, astronautics, drones and airborne systems, which is not only th20822e leading European aerospace cluster, but also one of the global top three in terms of  competitiveness. It is a key support for the aerospace and UAV industries serving the Occitanie Pyrenees-Mediterranean and Nouvelle Aquitaine regions. FAV is a famous dynamic international network of more than 800 members (companies, research laboratories, training institutions, universities, industry associations, and economic development agencies), making it a united, competitive and attractive cluster.

Bluestar Elkem Silicones will actively participate in development of the cluster, in particular by supporting the innovative solutions of other FAV members through an excellent ecosystem of advanced structures, materials and processes.

For more than 40 years, Bluestar Elkem Silicones has been a well-known supplier of silicone products and solutions for the aerospace industry under the iconic brands Bluesil ?, CAF ? and CAF ? AXAD for mechanical, electrical and sealing applications in various areas ranging from cockpits to engines, from cargo planes to passenger aircraft. In addition, its silicone products are widely used in component assembly, vibration damping, lubrication of moving parts, packaging and encapsulation of electronic and electrically insulated products, etc.

Bluestar Elkem Silicones risk management expertise in aerospace standards compliance and critical applications makes it a reliable partner of and a seamless fit with the cluster. In turn, becoming a member of the cluster will undoubtedly expand the companys resources in the aerospace industry.

As an extension of the value chain of the Axelera and Techtera clusters in France, joining the FAV cluster will help Bluestar Elkem Silicones to consolidate its position in the market and further strengthen its participation in collaborative projects with its partners by leveraging its network of members and Bluestar Elkem Silicones strategic framework of open sharing of innovation skills and knowledge. At the same time, the company will accelerate the development of new applications, products and services for the aerospace market.
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