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Guangzhou Institute holds democratic life meeting on Party history learning and education
Source: ChemChina Date: 2022-02-16

Recently, according to the work arrangement of Bluestar Party Committee, Guangzhou Institute held a special democratic life meeting on Party history learning and education. Cai Kaiyang, secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of the Institute, presided over the meeting. Huang Zhenwei, head of the fifth supervisory group of Bluestar’s Party history learning and education team, attended, guided and commented on the meeting through video link.

Earlier, the Party Committee of Guangzhou Institute held a preparatory meeting to make arrangements for the democratic life meeting. Combining individual self-study and collective study, members of the Party Committee earnestly studied the important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the resolution of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, and other required readings, solicited opinions extensively by issuing opinion solicitation forms and going to grassroots-level contact points and the work contact points of Party branches for investigation. Heart-to-heart talks were held between the secretary and members of the Party Committee, between members of the Party committee, and between members of the Party committee and the heads of related business departments to identify outstanding problems. Cai Kaiyang presided over the drafting of the problem checklist, and members of the Party Committee carefully wrote their outlines of speech, laying a solid foundation for a good special democratic life meeting.

Focusing on the five aspects emphasized at this democratic life meeting, Cai Kaiyang made a detailed check on behalf of the Party Committee of the Institute. In response to the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the decisions of the Party Central Committee, he said that “learning Party history, understanding Xi Jinping Thought, doing practical work and opening up a new situation” must be combined with the actual work of Guangzhou Institute. He pointed out more than ten outstanding problems, profoundly analyzed the reasons of these problems, put forward rectification measures, reported the matters that needed explanation, and clarified the direction of future efforts. He also took the lead to make a personal examination and analysis. Other members of the leadership made straightforward criticisms and self-criticisms one by one, all of which were targeted at specific people, specific things and specific thoughts.

The Fifth Supervisory Group of Bluestar affirmed the effect of the democratic life meeting, pointing out that the Party Committee of Guangzhou Institute attached great importance to the meeting, prepared well in advance, focused on the theme of the meeting, highlighted the main line, investigated the problems without covering up, criticized each other sharply, and achieved the expected purpose, which further enhanced the consciousness of adhering to “two establishes” and “two upholds”.

Speaking on behalf of all members of the Party Committee of the Institute, Cai Kaiyang emphasized that the whole leadership team should, firstly, continuously improve political awareness, comprehensively strengthen Party leadership in the whole Institute, earnestly fulfill the responsibility of comprehensive and strict governance of the Party, and effectively improve the quality of Party building; secondly, thoroughly solve the problems pointed out at the democratic life meeting as an important measure to implement the guiding principle of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, and consolidate the results of this meeting; thirdly, take this meeting as an opportunity to improve the system and mechanism, make up for the shortcomings, turn the aroused enthusiasm into a powerful driving force for work, and lead the development of the Institute based on the new achievements in Party building.
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