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Bluestar Elkem Gains Support from France "Relance Plan" and Norway "Green Platform Initiative"
Source: ChemChina Date: 2022-03-01

Bluestar Elkem has been adhering to the concept of open and collaborative innovation, cooperated extensively in science and technology, and shared technological innovation results around the world based on the needs of green sustainable development. Recently, Bluestar Elkem has gained support from the France "Relance Plan" of the French Government and the "Green Platform Initiative" of the Norwegian Government.


Special Organosilicon Is Supported by the France "Relance Plan" of the French Government


The French Government recently announced that Bluestar Elkem received a grant from the France Relance Plan to support the production of special organosilicon at its Saint-Fons Facility in Rhone.


Prior to this, in October 2021, Bluestar Elkem announced a capacity expansion project for an upstream silicon intermediate production facility in Roussillon (Isere), France. It is now supported by the France "Relance Plan" launched by French President Macron.


Agnès Pannier-Runacher, a representative of the French Ministry of Industry, said "The development of high-performance organosilicone production is of great significance for industrial development, and we welcome Bluestar Elkems investment in the upstream production facility at Roussillon and are currently supporting it with the help of the France "Relance Plan". As the downstream of Roussillon Facility, Bluestar Elkem is accelerating a series of investments in special organosilicone units at the Saint-Fons Facility to meet the challenges of sustainable development, as well as higher market demand and faster market changes."


Frederic Jacquin, Senior Vice President of Organosilicone Department in Bluestar Elkem, said "The growth in demand for organosilicones has been inextricably linked to the green transformation, and these materials provide basic support for electric mobility, low carbon production, green buildings, and some plastic alternatives, and we have accelerated and increased our investment due to strong growth and increased needs from European customers.


The aforesaid investment will increase the unit production capacity and automation level of Saint-Fons Facility, and optimize product quality and purity. The total investment is expected to reach EUR 15-20 million between 2022 and 2023."


Being Supported by "Green Platform Initiative" of Norwegian Government, Bluestar Elkem Joins R&D of "Reduction of Carbon Emissions in Battery Production"


NOK 100 million was allocated by the "Green Platform Initiative" of the Norwegian Government to support the Research Project on Sustainable Materials of Battery Value Chain. Bluestar Elkem and its subsidy Vianode joined the project with other industry partners. They will carry out innovative projects in cooperation with the Norwegian Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research (SINTEF) and the Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) and support Norways green transformation by reducing carbon emissions in battery production. The project will cover all parts of the battery value chain.


The Norwegian Government hopes to use the "Green Platform Initiative" to stimulate enterprises to invest in green sustainable solutions and products on a larger scale and at a faster rate, so as to enable Norway to implement green transformation and create green growth. The "Green Platform Initiative" aims to fund enterprises and research institutions engaged in green growth driven by research and innovation, and the Norwegian Government has allocated NOK 1 billion over three years for the green transformation of the industrial sector. "


Vianode, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bluestar Elkem, is dedicated to the production of advanced battery materials that can improve safety, shorten charging times in electric vehicles and other complex energy storage applications, and promote the continued development of the battery and battery material markets.


Stian Madshus, Vice President and General Manager of European Affairs in Vianode, said "The world requires more environment-friendly batteries, and Bluestar Elkem and Vianode are committed to providing advanced anode materials and look forward to working with other industry partners."
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