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More Good News of Shanna in "Five Smalls" Innovation Competition
Source: ChemChina Date: 2022-03-02

Recently, Datong General Trade Union of Shanxi Province issued a document to announce the assessment results of the Datong "Five Smalls" Innovation Competition 2021 (Five Smalls means small inventions, small creations, small designs, small innovations and small suggestions). The Establishment of Analytical Method for N-Nitrosodiphenylamine (NDPA) and Phenothiazine (PTZ) in RCD, a project of Wang Congling from the Quality Inspection Department of Shanna, won the first prize of achievements of the Datong "Five Smalls" Innovation Competition 2021. The Coal Bunker Vibration Improvement Project of Duan Hong from the Heat Supply Workshop, and the Pl Program Technical Renovation Project of Micro-heat Regeneration in Water Treatment Workshop of Shi Pengzhen from the Electronic Instrument Workshop won the second prize, and the Optimization of Return Control Mode for Degassing RCD, a project of Ma Haibin from the Polymerization Workshop won the third prize. The project leaders received cash awards respectively, and Shanna was also awarded as the "Winner of Datong "Five Smalls" Innovation Competition 2021 by Datong General Trade Union.

2021 marked a year of honor harvest for Shanna. Over the past year, under the correct leadership of the Party Committee of the Company, the Trade Union served the masses of employees and the overall situation of production and operation with all its strength and done practical and good work for the employees. The Trade Union organized various kinds of labor competitions for employees, strengthened their skills training and education, and persisted in training highly skilled personnel and technical employees, achieving a series of gratifying results.

At the end of 2021, the Shanxi General Labor Union, the CCYL Shanxi Provincial Committee, and the Shanxi Association for Science and Technology announced the award-winning achievements of Shanxi "Five Smalls" Innovation Competition 2021. The Improvement of Main Air Duct in Aeration Tank, a project of Wang Wei, Environmental Protection Director of Shanna, and the Improvement of SNL511A Latex Quality by Vacuum Evaporation Concentration, a project of Mao Lijun from the Research and Development Sub-union, won the second and third prizes respectively of Shanxi "Five Smalls" Innovation Competition 2021. Shanna was also assessed as "Winner of Shanxi "Five Smalls" Innovation Competition and this is the fourth time Shanna won this award.

The Company has consecutively participated in seven sessions of the "Five Smalls" Innovation Competition, delivered 646 excellent project achievements, and cumulatively realized the economic benefit of RMB 51.30 million, which has played an important role in condensing the wisdom of the employees, training the quality of the employees, expanding the abilities of the employees and promoting the safe production and innovative development of the Company. In 2022, Shanna will continue to focus on the central work of the Company, organize the employees to study the business based on their posts and improve their duty performance capacity, vigorously carry out such activities as the Star Class Creation Competition, the Five Smalls Innovation Competition, and the Employee Skill Competition and give full play to the due role of the Trade Union to promote the Companys safety in production, cost reduction, efficiency increase, energy conservation, and consumption reduction, enhance the cohesion of the Company, and promote the sustainable, healthy and rapid development of the Company.
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