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27th Bluestar International Summer Camp to Open
Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd. Date: 2016-06-13

“Under the star-sparking night sky, the flower nurtured by morning dew beckons with charming aroma…” Each July 20, Bluestar International Summer Camp which has an impressive opening to the beautiful children’s chorus Growing up under Blustar Sky welcomes nearly 1,000 kids from across the world, who come to live together for 20-plus days at “Bluestar, We Are Family”.

Bluestar Summer Camp – an annual carnival for children – is more of a promise of responsibility that has been upheld for 27 years. When Bluestar founder Ren Jianxin advocated and personally guided the organization of the first Bluestar Summer Camp back in 1990, he might not expect that the activity originally intended as a way for the staff’s children to spend summer holidays in would turn into a merry legend gathering kids from across the world. Through 27 years of continuous efforts, Bluestar Summer Camp has become the only ongoing enterprise-run summer camp in China; moreover, it has grown into an international summer camp, functioning as a bridge of cultural communication between the Chinese and overseas enterprises. Over the past 27 years, group after group of tough, confident and self-reliant children have emerged here as little envoys spreading Bluestar Culture.

This year, the 27th Bluestar Summer Camp will be held as scheduled and all preparations are going in an orderly manner. The Summer Camp will attract 880 little campers who will spend 21 memorable days in 18 sub-camps scattered across 13 provinces and 2 municipalities of the country. The forthcoming activity will have a greater international dimension as 49 children of overseas enterprises’ staff will come from 13 countries including France, Norway, Australia, the US and the UK. The 8 kids from German Krauss Maffei just taken over by ChemChina will be new members of the Camp. Little representatives of Guangzhou, Ruicheng and Zibo sub-camps as well as the kids from the county designated as Bluestar’s poverty relief receiver – Gulang County of Gansu Province, will gather in Beijing to share their joy and happiness. “Respect and tolerance” are key words of this Summer Camp. Through the three steps of identification, understanding and practice, we help the little campers learn more about the essence of Bluestar Corporate Culture condensed in “All Rivers Run into Sea”.

As always, this Summer Camp will stage an array of interesting programs. The “National Theme Day” at the previous Camp was commended by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and widely followed by media. This year, an update of the program will be launched with innovative contents featuring Germany and the UK included, to help little campers gain a deeper understanding about cultures of different countries and enhance their mutual understanding and communication. Additionally, the highlight “Molecule Republic” held in cooperation with Chemical Industry Museum of China is intended to impart knowledge on chemistry via vivid and interesting chemical experiments and experiences, cultivate the children’s team spirit, and stimulate their curiosity in chemistry and chemical industry as well as their desire to explore this field.

This Summer Camp will, in the preparatory and ongoing stages, adopt the new media like micro-video, English and Chinese Wechat accounts to share the latest information about the camp with the staff in and beyond China and more importantly share with them the pleasant and rewarding experience of growing up under the Bluestar Sky.

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