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The 27th Bluestar International Summer Camp Opens
Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd. Date: 2016-07-20

Dark-haired or blond-haired, everyone is happy to be here. Dark eyes and blue eyes are all filled with excitement and anticipation. On July 20, overseas members from 11 countries gathered in Beijing and met with over 800 Chinese peers from around the country. They are here for their annual festival, the 27th Bluestar International Summer Camp.

Every year, children from around the world gather at this event and spend 21 days together in the Bluestar family. This year, the camp welcomes 880 kids with 18 sub-camps hosted in 13 provinces and 2 municipalities around China. This will surely be a memorable summer for every participant. The 48 children of Bluestar overseas employees come from France, Norway, Australia, the United States, Britain and other countries; and in particular, there are 8 kids from KlaussMaffei, the newest member of ChemChina. Representatives from the Guangzhou, Ruicheng, and Zibo sub-camps and 18 children from Gulang County, Gansu Province, the designated poverty alleviation site of Bluestar, are also here in Beijing at the joyful opening of the summer camp. ChemChina vice president Robert Lu attended the opening ceremony of Beijing No.1 Sub-camp, and Wang Dazhuang, Party Secretary and vice president of Bluestar, awarded the flag of the camp to representative campers.

Robert Lu addressed the opening ceremony on behalf of ChemChina Chairman Ren Jianxin. He pointed out that as Bluestar developed rapidly, the summer camp also expanded. It had only domestic members in the early years and then started to include children from overseas subsidiaries of Bluestar in France, Australia and other countries. Thus it completed a shift from a domestic event to an international one. It is a window to showcase the Bluestar culture, a brand for passing the corporate culture on from generation to generation, and a platform for cultural integration between Chinese and foreign enterprises. He encouraged young campers to open their hearts and make friends, build their understanding of the Bluestar culture and join hands to embrace a bright future of ChemChina.

Bluestar CEO Michael Koenig said in his address that he hoped children from different countries and different cultural backgrounds can enjoy the various activities such as the national day, molecular republic, and friendly family day during the summer camp and learn in the process. Campers are also expected to respect, care for and help one another, become part of Bluestar family full of respect and inclusiveness, and spread the Bluestar culture of inclusiveness around the world.

Chinese and foreign representatives of campers also spoke at the ceremony, expressing their expectations for the event and their hope to learn and grow during the summer camp and to carry on the warmth and kindness they enjoy at the Bluestar summer camp into the future.

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