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Summer Camp under Way --- The Fun Trip to Tianjin
Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co., Ltd. Date: 2016-07-27

Finally its July 26, the day for campers to go to Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean World.

To prepare children for the trip, instructors made PPT presentation about the ocean and the venue before they left the camp site, arousing the campers curiosity.

The campers were excited to see so many polar animals at the Polar Ocean World, waddling penguins, adorable polar bears, chubby sea lions and seals, and fluffy Arctic wolves… They looked here and there as if they didnt want to miss any of these.

Passing by the wonderful aquarium containing all kinds of odd-looking fish and through the dreamy underwater tunnel, the campers found themselves at the Gaiety Theatre.

Hi! Polar Ocean World, here we are!


The children are stunned by what they see there!

Take your seat. The show is on in a minute!


Look, its the sea lion Miley!


I really love Miley and Xiaohu.

We Are Family!

Of course, in addition to the Polar Ocean World, Tianjin has many other attractions waiting for our campers,

such as the mouth-watering Goubuli stuffed buns. After lunch campers took a walk to Haihe River Bond Park where the citys landmark buildings stood. Having a great time, the campers looked forward to another visit here next time with parents. Now lets take a look at how campers spent their day in Tianjin.

Yeah! Go for Goubuli!

This is exactly the Chinese food I want!

The stuffed buns are so good!


Haihe River Bond Park, here we are!


See you, Tianjin!

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