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Summer Camp under Way --- Welcome to My Home
Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd. Date: 2016-08-01

"My door is also open to you. Come and give me a hug. Youll love this place..." Welcome to Beijing. Welcome to my home!

Foreign campers spent a happy and colorful weekend with "Friendly Family", experiencing the warmth of Chinese family and the unique charm of Chinese culture. Together they visited tourist attractions and had delicious Chinese food, creating beautiful memories together.

The zoo, the China Museum of Science and Technology, the Birds Nest and the Water Cube… witnessed the great time Chinese and foreign campers had together; the roast duck, figures made of maltose and dumplings… were especially welcomed by campers; brush handwriting, seal engraving and fan painting… campers were immersed in the Chinese culture and brought closer to each other by the handwork. They were all brothers and sisters in just two days!
"Feel at home, no matter where you are from. You are welcome here and lets meet next time!" Dear friends, we sincerely look forward to your next visit. My door is always open to you. Long live our friendship!

A happy family

Make dumplings together. Have a taste of Chinese homemade food.

Strolling on the town of Gubeishui and enjoying the picturesque landscape

Three lovely sisters

A cool photo next to these cool wine bottles

How can you miss the pandas in China?

Figures made of maltose are sweet and so fun to play with.

Long live our friendship! This is the best wish we have for all our campers.

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