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The 27th Bluestar International Summer Camp Comes to an End
Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd. Date: 2016-08-10

Amid colorful balloons and lively atmosphere, the closing ceremony of the 27th Bluestar International Summer Camp was held in Beijing on August 9. The 21-day event drew to an end in the beautiful voice of Beijing Sub-Camp No.1s 140 campers from 11 countries who sang the camp anthem "Grow up under the Blue Sky" with great emotions.

For the children, the goodbye party was the best platform to show their personal talents and teamwork. They followed the instructions of teachers while rehearsing the show, and added some genius personal touch to it. The party started with passionate street dance and the romantic ethnic dance of Xinjiang "Lift Your Veil". The sitcoms "No One Left Behind" and "The Loving Family" vividly illustrated the theme of "respect and inclusiveness" and interpreted "We Are Family" from the perspective of children. The French team presented the short play "Euro 2016" (2016 European Championship) and the Norwegian team brought the innocent, funny childrens play "Three Sheep". Campers from Gulang, Gansu, impressed even the foreign audience with their Latin dance and the "Glory of the King" brought by students of the martial arts class dazzled the audience with kung fu movements and embodied the theme of integration.

In his written speech, Ren Jianxin, ChemChina Chairman and Party Secretary, spoke highly of the organization of the summer camp which was a rare platform for learning, growth, communication and integration, fostered childrens self reliance, independence, open mind and inclusiveness, and truly exemplified the theme "Hand in Hand, Grow Together."He hoped campers would cherish their friendship and carry forward the love they received from the summer camp and from the Bluestar Family in their future life.

In Beijing, we climbed on top of the Great Wall; in Guangxi, we walked the road the Red Army used to take in Baise Old Revolutionary Base; in Guangzhou, we experienced the hard work of cultivation on the Fun Farm; in Shenyang, we had our pilot dream come true at the Shenyang Air Museum… A total of 880 campers in 18 sub-camps across the country learned knowledge and grew up together in this Summer Camp. Though the summer camp has come to an end, the seed of friendship and love sown in the heart of children will eventually blossom into a starry blue sky.

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