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Bluestar Hangzhou summer camp opens
Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd. Date: 2012-08-22

The Hangzhou branch of the Bluestar summer camp officially opened, on July 30, at the Hangzhou Water Treatment Technology Development Center, with Wang Shougen, the deputy director of the center, on hand to address the crowd and give a brief history of the Bluestar summer camp, its theme, and the main business of both Bluestar and the water center. Wang said he hopes that every camp can follow the main idea of equality, friendship, harmony, and progress and continue improving. The camp was started, in 1990, by ChemChina’s GM, Ren Jianxin and has been held 23 times. It has also spread across the country and, in 2009, even went global as overseas companies set up camps under the permanent theme of “Bluestar, we are family”. This was the first time for the water center to host a summer camp, in Hangzhou, which will last from July 30 to Aug 3. Camp activities include safety awareness, patriotic education, responsibility awareness, science and nature, and visits to scenic places. The camp will become an important part of the center’s culture and will help employees develop shared values and understand the center’s culture.

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