Talent Showcase
Huairou Survivor Island
Source: Date: 2012-01-10

Today our teachers took us to Huairou Survivor Island to participate in outdoor activities. On the way there, I already felt nervous because I had no idea what challenges they had in store for us. We curiously arrived at the gate of the dense forest, three large shining characters "Sheng Cun Dao (Survivor Island)" jumped into view.

Up along the stone steps we came to a pass where we encountered the first challenge - marching on stumps. At the beginning, I saw other people doing it quite well so I did not feel that nervous. As soon as I stepped on a stump, I got cold feet. My legs started shivering and my hands began sweating. Yet my peers were waiting behind me, I had no choice but to bite the bullet and keep going. Nevertheless, I really wanted to give up as my feet got even colder. At this state there were some distance between me and the boys ahead of me. I secretly had a peek behind me, I had held everyone up. “No, no more fears,” I thought to myself. Then I spurted forward and put in my best effort until I had reached the finish point.

I was not nervous anymore when we got to the No. 1 single-plank bridge. Without a break, the most exciting event - "dark tunnel" - was already waiting for us. Upon entering, we were immediately surrounded by endless darkness. At first we could walk in a dim light, but the further we walked the darker it became. All we could do then was to feel the way with our hands on the wall. At last, it went totally dark and I got more and more frightened. Suddenly I could not feel the wall and my heart started beating very fast. To make matters worse, I could hear screams and sobs from behind me. Then all of a sudden, my hand found the wall again, which was such a relief. Step by step, I walked along the wall carefully. When a ray of light eventually shed on my face, I felt so happy.

Afterwards we participated in many other interesting and exciting activities, such as "chains climbing", "tightrope walking", and "wire fence climbing."

In the afternoon, we tried "jeep racing" and "rock climbing" which were the most breathtaking activities. When lining up and watching others climbing up one by one, I felt both envious and fearful. Then came my turn, calmly, I walked on to the protection mat and started to climb with my partner. With all my strengths I kept pushing myself upward, step by step, which reminded me of a kind of reptile - gecko. However, the foot aids ahead became smaller and smaller, making my moves harder and harder. It was getting so difficult that my hands and feet felt broken, and all my energy had been all used up. I had to stop for a little while before giving it another shot. Without a letup, this time I made myself stand at the peak. At that time I became more than overjoyed! As soon as I landed, all my friends and teachers came over to congratulate me for my courage.

The day passed before I know it. What a wonderful and fulfilling day!

Beijing No. 1 Sub Camp

Wang Limei

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