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Sweet Memories
Source: Date: 2012-01-10

Though I only spent fourteen days at BlueStar Summer Camp, during my time there I broadened my vision, made new friends and learned to be strong in life.

What impressed me most about the camp was the military training, which is tough for anyone who has never been trained like that before. Every day, we stood straight in the sun and executed every command of our masters. We laughed at each other for our tanned faces and arms. That’s the first time I felt the dignity of discipline. It also taught me to be strong and persistent in my future life.

Aside from that, we also visited the Science and Technology Museum, which impressed us very much. There, we learned about the growth and development of our country in recent years, which made us feel proud and happy.

From attending this summer camp, I also gained a deep understanding of my parents and what they have sacrificed for me. Thank you, my dad and mom, for your selfless love and care.

Generally speaking, I am lucky to have attended BlueStar Summer Camp and had this chance to know more people and discover my dreams.

Daqing Sub-camp Li Zhaohan

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