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To My Friends in BlueStar Summer Camp
Source: Date: 2012-01-10

            To My Friends in Bluestar Summer Camp
I still remember that summer, when I left home alone for the first time. At Bluestar Summer Camp, I met many wonderful campers and made friends with them. Four years later, that happy time has already becomes an important part of my memory.

I remember we repeated a poem called “I Can” every morning, in which a sentence impressed me very much: you never know until you try; and you never try unless you try hard. Since then, this sentence has become a motto in my life and inspired me to follow my dreams.

At Bluestar Summer Camp, we took part in many activities together: climbing mountains, walking on tightropes, organizing thanks-giving parties, debating at the campfire party, etc. When attending these activities, I learned a lot from my fellow campers and teachers and shared my values and opinions with them.

Now I am a student in high school facing high pressure from my studies sometimes. At these times, I encourage myself by remembering my experiences at Bluestar Summer Camp and telling myself, “I can make it”. I smile at the difficulties and meet them bravely. I believe my courage comes from Bluestar Summer Camp.

Thank you, Bluestar Summer Camp and best wishes to all my friends!

Jinan Sub-camp Yi Xutong

Yi Xutong is a student at Shandong Experimental High School. She was awarded “Excellent Student” by her school several times and “Top Ten Young Reporters” by Youth Times.

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