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Now and Then
Source: Date: 2012-01-10

                         Now and Then
Several years have passed and I have become a university student. However, I can still remember every day I spent at BlueStar Summer Camp.

It was not only a summer camp, but also a big class: it taught us in its unique way that life needs passion, diligence and confidence.

It was not only a big class but also a big family: it united us in its unique way to help us find friendship, affection and love in our lives.

Back then, I grew up with it; now, I am still happy for it.

I hope more and more campers can find their own dreams and love at BlueStar Summer Camp!

Harbin Sub-camp Lui Siming

Lv Siming, 20 years old, is a student at Heilongjiang University majoring in International Economics and Trade. She attended the 12th and 13th sessions at BlueStar.

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