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In the summer camp
Source: Date: 2012-01-10

                  In the summer camp
It is rainy in summer in Jinan. In the drizzle, our summer camp was opened. Students walked like clumsy penguins. In the vast white ocean, there were a few blue dots, which were our rigorous and warm-hearted teachers and trainers.

In the morning, the opening ceremony started with the song “Love Each Other”. After the flag receiving ceremony, we set out on the journey. A slow bus carried us to our parents’ workplace that’s encircled with white walls. Machines never stopped.

In the afternoon, after hearing the blow of a whistle, we shot out from the dormitory and swiftly queued up into a square matrix. Afterwards, the teacher brought us to a classroom. The first lesson was to practice military standing postures. Under the guidance and praise, we were getting more skillful with each movement. In the process, our friendship grew and deepened.

At dusk, we dragged our exhausted bodies back to our bedrooms. After a simple shower, a roommate pulled out a plastic box filled with clothes and fumbled for something. Suddenly, a cheerful song came into our ears. We looked at each other and smiled.

I believe the campers must have benefited a lot from this summer camp. We not only made new friends but also learned new things.

We will continue to attend the activities. We will use our initiative to help and care for others and keep working on our self-discipline. We will remember this camp forever.

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