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The 22nd Bluestar International Summer Camp finale
Source: Date: 2012-01-10

The closing ceremony of 22nd Bluestar International Summer Camp in Beijing was held in the Opera House of People’s Liberation Army on August 9. The summer camp theme song at the ceremony was about growing up under the blue sky. Children from home and abroad joined in on the chorus.

More than 330 campers from 12 countries put on a great show complete with dances, songs, instrument ensembles and drama. Jens and Robert, two foreign team leaders, sang the song ‘Azalea’ in Chinese and added a rap section to point out that they’ve also benefited from the 20-days of Chinese learning. Their innovation and effort earned them tremendous applause.

A standup comedy skit featuring Tang-Dynasty poet ‘Meditation’ and a yangko dance, performed by the France-based Adisseo, were the highlights of the whole evening. The group were dressed in Chinese traditional red costume. Their dance, which conveyed their respect and passion for Chinese culture and arts, won over the hearts of the audience.

Zheng Zixuan and other campers from Jinan Gulang branch camp performed a lovely song called Happy Baby. The young girls’ smiles and dance routine made everyone’s day.

Ren Jianxin, general manager of ChemChina, made a speech in the ceremony. He pointed out that it had been 22 years since Bluestar began to hold summer camp. In the past 22 years, Bluestar Summer Camp has successfully developed from Lanzhou to the whole country and is playing a more and more important role in childrens vacations. This year, more than 1100 children from 12 countries took part in the summer camp held in 19 cities. There were also 53 children from France, Norway, Britain and Australia that participated in the Beijing camps. Just like the song’s lyric: Bluestar is our big family and our future. The days at Bluestar Summer Camp are unforgettable. The words and photos will not only remind you of the days but also influence children much more. Ren said he believes that Bluestar Summer Camp will carry on in the future, as will Bluestar’s spirit and culture.

Nearly 800 people attended the ceremony, including officials from ChemChina, Bluestar and other specialty companies, as well as campers and their parents. At the same time, 13 teachers and students were invited to watch the show under Bluestar’s assistance.

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